Stokke Steps – Where engineering and aesthetics marry to create a masterpiece

Stokke Steps – Where engineering and aesthetics marry to create a masterpiece

As the purveyor of intelligent engineering and clean aesthetics, owning a piece of Stokke is about respecting quality and the effort put into each work of art. Find out how you can WIN a Stokke Steps Chair + Baby Set worth $548 each!

stokke steps review

As the purveyor of intelligent engineering and clean aesthetics, Stokke Steps is a work of art.

If you are an expectant parent or already a parent, you might have heard of the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair, which can take even the weight of an adult.

Well, they say good things come in pairs, and the brilliant team has since developed an award-winning highchair to take your child from her newborn stage to the active toddler years.

As the purveyor of intelligent engineering and clean aesthetics, Stokke is a brand that stands in a class of its own. Owning a piece of Stokke is about respecting quality and the effort put into each work of art.

New kid on the block – meet the Stokke Steps

Meet the curvier, Scandinavian-style cousin – the Stokke Steps – built for parents who embrace quality time together with their little ones. Its ergonomic design is the by-product of resourceful research of the bodies of children, along with their natural interaction at the table with adults or caregivers.


“Look! I can join mummy and daddy at the table now!”

Like all time-strapped parents, we wish to maximise our child-bonding time when we are at home. One of our favourite ways to do so is over meals and table fare.

Now that she is a cheeky toddler who loves social interaction, having her at our table during meals make it so much more fun for all of us, as we love watching her eat independently, and she loves to lean over to feed us too. Most importantly, she needs to be seated in a safe and comfortable highchair which allows her to chow her meals while basking in daddy and mummy’s company.

Love at first sight

If you are seeing the Stokke Steps for the first time, be prepared to be enthralled by its minimalistic design. Its sturdy structure and smooth finish tells you this is quality at its best.

Constructed with solid beech wood to create its form, this piece of kids’ furniture fits in any contemporary home seamlessly. The husband was certainly mesmerised by this Norwegian beauty!

This fair beauty sits beautifully in our home but it’s more than just good looks. Find out why the Stokke Steps is earning fans with its winning factors.

Functionality meets substance

As parents, safety is held in the highest regard. We were reassured when we learned that the Stokke team has invested five years in R&D before launching this new baby.

The Stokke Steps places emphasis on child safety and is equipped with the 5-point harness system, making safety-first a priority feature of this classic beauty. Even while seated, active children can attempt to climb out and thus the folks at Stokke went a step further to enhance the high chair with a better seat belt mechanism as opposed to the regular buckle-lock design.

stokke steps review

The safety harness system is easy for adults but not so for little fingers. With its round, ergonomic shape, it will not protrude to jab your child’s tummy when belted. Best of all, this buckle-lock system will not snap at your fingers.

Its user-friendliness means parents can adjust the backrest to the preferred choice of two settings – to bring baby closer or further away from the table. The roomy space around the baby’s body is comfortable and secure enough without restricting your little one’s movements.

For enhanced comfort, a footrest allows little feet to bend and rest at ease, while the footrest is easily adjusted to suit your child’s needs and new height over the years. Priding itself as a “no tools required” highchair, the need for tools to make any adjustment is a thing of the past!

Versatility for the long run

When the Stokke team designs a new product, they make sure that it lasts long enough to suit the needs of your growing child. With versatility in mind, the Stokke Steps allows your newborn to stay close to the family even during meal times or when you are doing work at the table.

With accessories such as the Stokke Steps Bouncer, your new baby lays snuggly in there and is always near daddy or mummy for added assurance and security.

As your child is ready to wean, introduction to solids require adult supervision too, and the Stokke Steps is easily converted to a highchair to protect your little one with the Stokke Steps Baby Set.

Attach the optional tray and your child has his own meal table or a personal space to play, which can be easily cleaned after use. Even without the tray, this highchair can be pushed to align with your regular dining table, so the family can dine together at the same place.

Fit the Baby Set with the Stokke Steps Baby Set Cushion to offer your munchkin extra comfort with the soft cushion. Parents would be happy to know that the fabric is water repellent too – no worries about spillage during mealtimes!

Removing and putting the Baby Set on is easy – simply align the loops and knobs, and let them “click” to lock securely.

When your child is ready to sit on the chair on her own, remove the adjustable Baby Set (which comprises the backrest and safety harness), to convert the Stokke Steps into a chair for your active toddler.

How’s that for responsive furniture that grows with your child and yet caters to their changing needs?


Let your child sit tall independently with this fine work of art.

Indeed, this highchair takes one through the years, and this is a one-of-its-kind transformable children’s chair that’s second to none. While its price tag may be a bit on the steeper side, it certainly makes for a worthwhile investment for the long term.

Want to own a piece of Stokke? Head over to the next page to find out how a Stokke Steps Chair + Baby Set worth $548 can be yours to keep!

The Stokke team lives by the vision “in the best interest of the child” as they “believe that great design begins and ends with the user”. Backed by intensive background work by the experts prior to launch, little wonder the Stokke Steps has earned the prestigious Red Dot Design Best of the Best 2015.

stokke step review

The All-in-One seating system from birth.

Eager to let your child enjoy a work of art that can help make mealtimes safer?

Stand a chance to WIN a Stokke Steps Chair + Baby Set worth $548 each! Only 3 lucky winners, so hurry, answer these questions below and good luck! Due to an overwhelming response, the contest period has now been extended till 20 Sept 2015.



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