How to win a StickerKid gift pack for your child this Christmas!

How to win a StickerKid gift pack for your child this Christmas!

3 lucky winners stand the chance to win 1 of 3 StickerKid prizes!  Read out to find out what you might win and how to win it.

Having messy, disorganised kids won't be a problem anymore this festive season. StickerKid brings with them 100% Swiss-made labels designed to help identify your children's clothes, toys, shoes, and other items that can all too easily be lost at home, schools and also playgrounds.

Other than being unique, these personalised stickers come in a wide range that you can choose from! Your kids can pick out different colours, logos and shapes. They can even add whatever text they want and also upload photos and logos yourself to make them even more special.


Elephant Posters


Create a soothing atmosphere in your child’s room with these lovely  little elephant that frames his dreams. All you'll have to do is add your child’s name, choose a colour and you'll have a set of 3 frames that will add a touch of colour and genuine inspiration in their space. 

  • Size: 30X40 cm, available in different vibrant colours.
  • Printed in high definition on ULTRA premium glossy quality paper.


Santa Claus Stickers


Craft your child a lovely composition of handmade stickers for Christmas. Santa Claus dressed with a magic door or wall comes with a personalised Christmas wish and a name of your choice.

  • Available in different colours, it sticks to all smooth surfaces including walls, doors, windows and furniture.
  • Fully removable and re-usable year after year.
  • High quality wave fabric, won’t stretch and not vinyl.


'My First Sticker Pack'


This MEGA starter pack has all the stickers you need to identify your child's belongings. Great for children in Kindergarten and Lower Primary. You can stick them to any surface. Wear-and-tear, water and sun resistant for years, you can stick them on any surface! You can also personalise them with a text of your choice using one of StickerKid's logos.

  • 32 large stickers, 76X19mm
  • 14 shoe stickers, 38X40 mm - Specially designed to fit inside shoes or in shoe soles. 
  • 60 small stickers, 46X6 mm - Label your child’s belongings with their names from their toothbrushes to their pens to their eye glasses. 
  • 48 clothes stickers, 50X20 mm - These iron-on name labels can be easily applied on every part of your child's clothes with lasting colours. The name labels can also be machine washed up to 60 degrees!

Guaranteed for 10 years, StickerKid’s labels withstand extreme outdoor temperatures, as well as cold wintry weather. They are scratch resistant, so that sand or other outdoor activities of your little heroes do not harm the labels. Not only resistant to sport or outdoor activities, they also withstand the rigours of the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

What's in store for you?

3 lucky winners stand the chance to win 1 out of 3 of the StickerKid gift packs! Simply choose which gift pack you'd like to gift your child with and enter your details in the entry form below.

Contest ends 9th December 2015

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