7 stereotypes Singaporeans are sick of hearing

7 stereotypes Singaporeans are sick of hearing

I'm sure we've all heard at least one of these stereotypical comments before

Don't we just hate stereotypes? We're a kiasu bunch, we're too dependent on the decisions of others, we only choose to go by the book. Oh please, tell us something new!

Here are 7 of the worst and incorrect stereotypes Singaporeans receive on an *almost* daily basis.

#1 Singaporeans can't speak good english


The misconception: Singapore only know how to speak Chinese.

Come on, are we still harping on that? English is actually our basic language of communication everywhere in Singapore. Some of us aren't even good in our own Mother Tongue language *guilty face*! So yes, we actually do speak english but with a hint of singlish here and there – that's what makes us special.

#2 Singaporeans can't cook


The misconception: We are too reliant on takeaways, instant mix and food delivery that we can't even prepare a decent meal from scratch.

For the last time, we are capable of cooking up an 8 course dinner if we want to. The main point of that sentence: if we want to. But in all seriousness, instant mix is the best creation ever, right?

#3 Singaporeans are high maintenance


The misconception: We only go for dates at restaurants, we choose to drive only luxury cars, we don't shop at thrift shops.

Oh please, have you seen the queues we form whenever there's a sale for.....literally anything? Our favourite word of the dictionary is "free". I mean, we really get excited over discount coupons – for movies, food or even dish soap. Also, we're totally down for a game-of-monopoly-at-my-house kind of date rather than a let's-have-dinner-at-a-restaurant kind of date.

#4 Singaporeans are not proud of their own country


The misconception: We don't have a sense of belonging towards our country.

Were you even around during the year long SG50 celebrations? We don't show it but deep down, deep deep down, we're really proud of how far Singapore has come. From being a third world country to a first world in half a century? Try beating that!

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#5 Singaporeans are not united


The misconception: We aren't proud of our country and therefore, we don't feel the need to stand up for one another.

WRONG! The most recent and prominent example that showed the unity of Singaporeans would be the death of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. There was a long queue of students, the elderly, civil servants – basically citizens of all ages – waiting to pay their respects to our leader at The Parliament House. There were also volunteers and health medics who were there rain or shine, 24 hours of the day!

#6 Singaporeans are boring


The misconception: Because we're all about the 9-6 working hours and making money, we don't know how to have fun.

We know how to have fun. We just have fun in a different way. Singapore is a small country and we know there isn't much you can do in terms of activities but as far as outings go, we're never short of fun.

#7 Singaporeans are not independent thinkers


The misconception: We're more of a sheep than an eagle. We follow, not lead.

We won't deny that we're a pretty obedient bunch. However, in terms of following the crowd, that's something we detest, with a passion. There's nothing we hate more than relying on others for our own outcome!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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