Squeebles Fractions app: math for kids made easier

Squeebles Fractions app: math for kids made easier

The question most of us used to ask as kids was whether to divide the bigger number or smaller number when working with fractions. The fear of doing it all wrong would keep most of us up at nights. But learning apps like Squeebles Fractions will help your kids overcome that problem in no time.

Squeebles Fractions: math app for kids

Check out how this math app is helping kids understand fractions better

Our kids are so lucky today to be able to use so many creative learning apps to further themselves in life. Back in our day, math for kids usually was a nightmare brought on by numbers, books and usually a strict looking math teacher. Today kids have the opportunity to be entertained, enthralled and enjoy learning subjects like math through many interactive tools. It’s hard to ignore how these learning apps offer kids so many fun ways to progress to the next level of education.

Have your cake and divide it too? 

One example of an amazing app is the Squeebles Fractions app, which is back again! Math for kids is about to get exciting, since this time the app is primarily focusing on fractions. The Squeebles Fractions app comes with more exciting and colourful enticing bits for your child to be floored by. One of the main features added in the app is the wonderfully decorated cake. According to our old-fashion style of learning fractions, this may seem rather odd. However for your child, this presents an exciting and challenging experience of both fun and learning at the same time. The delicious looking concoctions present your child with the exciting prospect of simply diving into the math app experience without realizing that they are actually participating in the task of learning a thing like math for kids.

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The ins-and-outs of the app

Using cakes as the main theme, your child will learn about different fractions through a series of challenges as the Squeeble character gives the instructions. The app is designed around a fun scenario, which allows your child to explore and make mathematical decisions without feeling overwhelmed. There are three different levels available in this app that focus on math for kids, and your child will be able to increase the level of difficulty as he/she progresses.

This learning app can be your child’s new best friend as it presents challenges in many areas, but in a fun way. With all the animations used, your child is almost guaranteed not to be bored. This is also convenient for you, because as a parent, the last thing you want to do is to play teacher after a long and tiring day. Math for kids can be a very difficult subject, and it can be even more frustrating for you if you don’t have the time or patience to teach them such a vital subject in life. This math app allows you to spend your quality time with your child doing other things that are far less taxing.

Squeebles Fractions app

Math for kids has gotten easier with Squeebles Fractions app, check out the details!

Is it worth purchasing?

Another attractive feature about the Squeebles Fractions is that your child will be able to use this math app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You would not need to spend a dime on getting your child yet another gadget, especially since they can be so pricey. This app also comes with the option of choosing to use either UK or US English. At less than S$5, the app is quite cheap, and is certainly worth the money to give your child the opportunity to learn fractions in a fun way. Your child will also be able to learn other things, such as timetables, spelling, addition, division and subtraction, without feeling the pressure of sitting in a classroom.

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More features!

Besides the fun factor, Squeebles Fractions also gives your child the opportunity to experience other elements that are subtly incorporated into the app, but may not jump out at you immediately. A really nice feature that you will find in the app is the reward system. When was the last time your child refused a rewarding system? We didn’t think so  either! The rewarding system is a factor that will further excite your little darling when “playing” and learning simultaneously.

Along with everything else, the storyline will keep your little one anxious to advance to the next level, as quickly as possible. This makes the Squeebles Fractions app not only exciting, but also enables your child to master fractions at a quicker pace. Who would’ve thought math for kids could be so much fun?

Let us know if you have purchased this app, and whether your kids have benefited from it or not?

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