Speech and Drama/Ants on the Apple/Literacy Through stories

Speech and Drama/Ants on the Apple/Literacy Through stories

“Different strokes for different folks”. How true the phrase is especially when we juxtapose that to how we teach as a teacher and how young learners pick up new skills.

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Speech and drama for your kids

According to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Approach, children innately have different cognitive abilities within them. This implies that in terms of teaching pedagogies there is therefore a need to extend effective ways to tap into these learning areas with the right tools. At LEAP, the literacy programmes written for the 3-6 year olds are all about finding the right key to release the language learning potential of young learners.

Tapping on the logical or spatial areas of learning, young learners apt at reasoning, understanding patterns and seeing logic in abstraction can start off with the Ants on the Apple Phonics Program. Through this programme, learners will be exposed to learning the phonological and phonemic aspects of the English language as they are walked through the letters of the alphabet.

For whole language learners who are linguistic in nature and is able to display a facility with words and languages, Literacy through Stories will be a programme that will be of interest as it is a language programme that contextualizes the learning experience and exposes young learners to the skill of reading and writing through drawing context and meaning from having books read aloud to them whilst working with language that is familiar within context.

For the kinesthetic and musically inclined, join the Speech and Drama classes to hone their language experiences. Young learners who are kinesthetic and musical in nature enjoy working and learning in motion, with rhymes and rhythm. They see expression through action and elude creatively their language experiences through getting up and working with the language.

All programmes for the 3-6 year olds advocates peer support and promotes learning experiences, that are suitable for the intrapersonal and interpersonal learners. So no matter the cognitive ability of your child, there is definitely a way to unlock their language ability with the right key.

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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