Will spanking turn kids into bullies?

Will spanking turn kids into bullies?

Does spanking give rise to bullies? Check out this new research, and weigh the pros and cons of spanking.


Will spanking turn kids into bullies? Read on and share your inputs with us too!

Spanking is probably one of the most common topics of ‘debate’ in parenting circles and in other groups where the discipline of children is considered.

Spanking mums and dads say that they never hit out of anger, and a planned and controlled slap is an appropriate punishment for a child’s transgressions.

On the other hand, non-spanking parents say that violence begets violence and that there are other, less severe ways to teach children to listen.

spanking or no spanking?

Can discipline without spanking create proactive, well-behaved children?

A few years ago, researchers at Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans surveyed almost 2,500 mothers of 3-year-olds on their spanking habits during the previous month, as well as their children’s level of aggression and several factors involving family life.

2 years later, researchers discovered that the kids who were most frequently spanked were the ones who exhibited the most aggressive behavior.

spanking and bullying

Are you raising a bully because you spank your child?

So does violence really beget violence? Experts say that the Tulane University study does not prove this is so, but it is perhaps the strongest study so far on spanking and aggression.

There are two prevailing theories:

  • Children learn what they live, so spanked children learn to be more physically aggressive.
  • Spanking causes higher levels of stress, which can have a negative effect on a child’s growth and development.

Children learn what they live — so should you stop spanking your child then?

There are plenty of theories out there so we’d like to know — what do you, as a parent who disciplines your child, think?

Does spanking put kids at risk of being future bullies? Join the discussion below — share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment!


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