Sony TV Prevents Kids from Sitting Too Close

Sony TV Prevents Kids from Sitting Too Close

It is in 3D, it is energy conserving, and it protects your kids' eyes!

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The television of the future is here – the 3D TV. And if that doesn’t sound high-tech enough for you, though, then here is another feature, introduced on Sony’s OLED 3D TV.

How it works: At the bottom of the TV screen, just below the Sony logo, is an in-built camera which detects if a child comes nearer than a metre away to the TV set. Within a couple of seconds, the screen automatically goes blurry and dark, with a sign reminding the child to back away.

That’s not all this tech-savvy TV does. Besides also being able to tell the difference between youngsters and their old grandparents moving nearer for a closer look, through its “Cyber-shot” technology, the Sony TV is environmentally conscious as well. It is programmed to turn itself off when nobody is watching, by using its motion and body heat sensor detectors within the room.

The impressive television set doesn’t come cheap though. It is said debut in Japan this month at a good ¥350,000 (nearly S$5,500). It is available online in Singapore.

Either way, this is a heaven-sent bit of innovation for us kiasu parents worrying about our children’s eyesight. But honestly, it sort of makes us wonder – what next, a television that monitors your diet?

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