Sofie Olivia Etheline, a 3-month-old ICU patient fighting for her life

Sofie Olivia Etheline, a 3-month-old ICU patient fighting for her life

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Through an Asian crowdfunding site, GIVEasia, aunt Yenny is hopeful that Sofie will be able to undergo the treatment and survive the ordeal.

Sofie Olivia Etheline is the daughter of Grace and Herman, both Malaysians, and niece to Yenny, a Singaporean.

Sofie was initially admitted to a Palembang hospital on 1 July where she was diagnosed with Sepsis Virus. However, she was discharged after just 4 days because of the sole reason that it was Hari Raya and no doctor was available.

When Sofie did not show any signs of recovery, her parents brought her back to the hospital on two separate occasions, on 18 and 25 July, when she was given a vaccination and diagnosed as "fine."

Sofie's cough, fever, and vomiting still continued even after countless medication which led to her parents bringing her to Singapore.

Also, at this point, Sofie's fingers were turning blue and she weighed a mere 4 kilos.

When Yenny, who is a cousin to Sofie's parents, brought the family to Mt Alvernia hospital, they were shocked to know that Sofie's case was life-threatening.

Sofie was immediately warded into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where they were told that her oxygen index was just 50 without breathing support, way below the acceptable range of 95 and above.

The doctor then informed the family that it was best to transfer Sofie to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) because they had the medical team and equipment that was suitable for Sofie's condition.

When Sofie was in KKH, she underwent more tests and Yenny expressed that "It was really heartbreaking to see her little body being strapped down in tubes and machines. But she survived nonetheless."

On 8 August, they were told that Sofie was diagnosed with CMV virus (Cytomegalovirus). This was when the family started realising that they needed help financially in order for Sofie to survive.

The treatment and medication for CMV is expensive and has to be administered closely and daily for at least 1 month. Yenny said that the estimated medical bill was $18,000 for 5 days.

On 11 August, Sofie's right lung has ruptured and her condition remains critical and life-threatening.

Yenny is hoping that through this crowdfunding project, they can raise enough money to send Sofie for treatment which can save her life. 

The one-month treatment at ICU would cost an approximate $100,000 and to date, the family has raised $30,000+, which is partly due to their efforts of selling their assets at home.

"Honestly, I am heartbroken to see such a young soul go through this."

If you wish to donate and help Yenny and her family to safe Sofie's life, click here to support the cause. If you wish to get in touch with Yenny, do contact 9688 8494  or email [email protected].

"We appreciate and thank you for your kindness -  be it in thoughts, prayers or donations. In return, we will pray for your blessing."

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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