Snyppit - the video app kids of all ages love!

Snyppit - the video app kids of all ages love!

Video-sharing is the new trend at the moment. And kids just love Snyppit! Check out this quirky old-kid-on-the-block and what makes it the application of everyone's choice - young and old!

All snap-happy parents alike just love capturing their kids’ adorable (and silly) moments! And as proud parents, we just love sharing these moments with the world, especially when you can get your little Picassos and Van Goghs involved in the process of editing the videos.

With a number of video-sharing applications floating around, I’m forever on the look out for fun, easy-to-use and kid-friendly ones.

Some file-sharing apps either have lengthy steps or are not interesting enough, and by mid-way, kids are sure to lose interest. But one app grabbed my attention and ticks all the right boxes.

Snyppit- the video app kids of all ages love

Snyppit was launched in August 2012, before the likes of Vines (launched by twitter in January 2013) and Instagram (the video-sharing feature launched in June 2013).

Singapore’s Snyppit is the first video application on the market with features to personalise your short videos.

And up to today, I reckon its quirky feature and simplicity still trump its competitors…or at least the kids think so.

snyppit- the video app kids of all ages love


Snyppit  founder Alon Sobol commented he sees “people at the core of Snyppit” and videos of kids are very popular.

“People are using Snyppit to share brief moments of their life; it’s quite random in many ways but the common theme in creating Snyppit is to give other people a window into the authors life,” he said.

Read on to find out how Snyppit works.. 

So how does Snyppit work?

This free app offers 7 seconds of recording time and at the end of it, you get to personalize your videos with cute sticker-frame such as ‘tough enough’ and ‘I heart you’.

We were spoilt for choice with 23 stickers to choose from and there’s one to suit every kiddish taste.

The step-by-step instructions and easy navigation meant we could record a video, dress it up and share it in just 2 minutes – the kids love the simplicity!

Snyppit- the video app kids of all ages love!

Add sticker packs to your collection for a super low price. New arrivals: Halloween and Blood Bunny packs.

To show you how effortless it is, here’s a video my creative two put together themselves:

I had to show them how it works only once. And while choosing the stickers, they giggled the whole time ’cause they found the prints amusing!

There’s been debatable comparison made between Snyppit and Instagram, in terms of recording time – 7 seconds versus 15 seconds.

But for kids and their short attention spans Snyppit is probably the better option and they can get into the stickers really quickly. And just as fast, they can post their masterpiece on Facebook for their friends to see!

When asked if there’s any plan to extend the recording time, Alon replied short videos will keep viewers engaged.

“We’ve discussed this possibility but people like creating and watching Snyppits because they are short,” the start-up veteran said.

Next page for more video samples..

Snyppit‘s definitely for those looking for a sweet and simple way to personalise their short everyday videos. Here are some examples of videos by other Snyppit users:

It’s plain to see that Snyppit- the video app kids love, is a huge hit. If you have hilarious Snyppit videos made by your kids, or of your kids, do share it with us on Facebook, or leave us a comment– we’d love to hear from you!

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