Smoking during pregnancy may increase chances of low sperm count in baby

Smoking during pregnancy may increase chances of low sperm count in baby

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Studies show that women who smoke while being pregnant are more likely to give birth to a son with low sperm count. Exposure to the toxins of cigarettes while still in the womb changes the natural growth of the baby.

For male babies, not only are they subjected to slow fetal growth but their testicles may be underdeveloped as well. This underdeveloped growth can be made even worse with exposure to second hand smoke as a child or as an adult.

Give up smoking

Smoking cigarettes is quite harmful to anyone especially an unborn baby. If you are pregnant and smoking, you are more likely to have complications during the pregnancy or during labour.

For every cigarette you smoke, the oxygen level in your blood can decrease, thus depriving your baby of oxygen. This may cause health issues for the baby, such as mental retardation. The chances of having an ectopic pregnancy increases too. Not to mention, it can lower the sperm count for your unborn son.

low sperm count

A baby at 14 weeks.

Low sperm count causes

Sperm production is quite a complicated process. Produced in the testicles, the sperm is carried to the tubes and mixed with semen to be ejaculated out of the penis together.

If a man has a problem with his reproductive system, he could have fertility problems including a low sperm count. While the cause of a low sperm count is often a mystery, infections, testicle vein swelling, tumors, undescended testicles, and ejaculation problems can be some of the factors that can cause it.

Smoking cigarettes is also said to cause a decline in an adult man’s sperm count. But the most alarming thing is that low sperm count could actually start from the womb.

Being responsible

Pregnant women have a lot of responsibilities on their hands. Because they are carrying another human being in their body, they need to be really careful in terms of their physical actions to avoid an accidental miscarriage.

Additionally, pregnant women should also maintain a healthy diet to ensure their baby’s health. Smoking, among other vices, should also be eliminated whenever a woman is pregnant. Puffing cigarettes while pregnant could result to bearing a son with low sperm count.

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Proven study?

While this study of smoking pregnant women giving birth to a son with low sperm count does have its merits, there isn’t evidence strong enough linking low sperm count to newly born male babies of smoking mothers.

To be safe though, all pregnant women should avoid smoking all together. Not only will it be bad for their babies but for their health as well. Because quitting can be hard and could take a long time for some people, women are advised to stop smoking way before they plan to have a baby.

When pregnant, women should think about their baby’s health as much as their own. For those who don’t want to have a son with low sperm count, quit smoking now.

What is your take on pregnant and smoking women? Do you agree that they could give birth to a son with low sperm count? Tell us what you think. For more information on pregnancy and smoking, please see the video below:

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