Smartphones for Smartkids

Smartphones for Smartkids

Upgrading to the latest smartphone? Before you decide to trade in your old one, here are a few good reasons why your child deserves to inherit your hand-me-down smartphone.



Technology has taken over our lives in so many ways that sometimes it’s almost impossible to slow down its invasion. It wasn’t too long ago that we held our first smartphone in our hands and marvelled at its capabilities that would soon change the way we work, communicate and seek information.

The truth is, living in a technologically advanced generation does have its benefits. We are able to access information instantly, communicate cost-effectively, and connect virtually to a social network that is larger than life. And if you think about it, this is an even more exciting time for our kids, who are learning and growing in this era – a platform that is an excellent springboard for creativity and mental development.


These days, we are often amazed by some of the things our children say, and repeat them with pride to our friends and colleagues, wondering why we never had the same imagination when we were their age. The fact is, our children are learning and maturing at a phenomenal speed with the advent of the Internet, and even more so now, with smartphones that allow us to carry the Internet with us wherever we go.


Google and Wikipedia, two of the most accessed sites for information generation, are now easily available on the smartphone. Kids are able to connect the dots a lot quicker and easier, sparking interest and possibly stimulating creativity. With a smartphone, it is much easier to encourage their quest for knowledge and information, and to instil in them a sense of curiosity. If you’re worried about the dangers of the Internet corrupting your child’s young mind, you’ll be glad to know that StarHub’s SafeSurf on Mobile, which blocks out unsavoury sites and content, maintaining a secure and enriching surfing experience for kids of all ages.


To a child, one of the most attractive functions of a smartphone is certainly the gaming capability. And as parents, it is natural to be worried about the amount of time your child spends on games. While it may be good to monitor their playtime, it is not entirely bad to give them a little more space to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills through certain types of games. The good thing about smartphones is that it is easy enough to control your child’s game downloads by holding on to the password, and only allowing them to download the games that you approve of.


As we have all experienced, communication is a whole lot more cost-effective on a smartphone, with the availability of various data messaging and calling apps in the market. And with the popularity of social networking amongst the youth these days, it is so much easier for kids to talk to each other via sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which allows them to express their personalities and find their niche within their circle of friends. Of course, you should always monitor their interaction for social threats. If managed well, social networking sites can be a passive encouragement of your child’s personality development.



Still not convinced that you should pass on your old smartphone to your child? Here’s the clincher – StarHub’s SmartSurf SharePlus – A contract-free plan that allows you to share 12GB of bundled data, 700 minutes of talktime and extra 1,000 free SMS between your child and you. Unlike the MultiSIM service, this plan gives your child his/her own mobile number, which makes it easier for you to communicate with them through calls, messages and data messaging apps, saving you a whole lot of money. In other words, it practically allows you to give your child a mobile line without the need to subscribe a costly new plan.


So the next time you are thinking of upgrading to the next big smartphone, remember all the good that your current phone can do for your child. Without much extra cost!


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Written by

Sandra Ong

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