Small Things Parents Do That Mean a Lot to Their Kids

Small Things Parents Do That Mean a Lot to Their Kids

Even small things when done right and meaningfully can mean a whole lot when it comes to showing your kids how much you care about them.

Generally speaking, kids aren't that complicated to figure out. Parents usually are just too busy or preoccupied doing other things that they sometimes forget that when it comes to kids, the small things matter.

1. Take a walk with your kids

And no, going to the supermarket to do the groceries doesn't count. Have a nice long walk with your kids and talk about the stuff that you see around you. It's not only healthy, but it's also a good way for you and your kids to get to know each other better.

2. Get excited

Even if you're already a parent, there's nothing wrong with showing your kid that you get excited over the same things that your kid loves. It makes your kid feel like his or her interests matter to you, and also makes your child feel more at ease since they have something in common with you.

3. Let them play in the rain


Let them play in the rain and stomp around in the mud once in a while. Playing in the rain is a whole lot of messy fun, and we know you secretly want to join in too, so don't be shy and join your kid!

4. Get a pet

Pets are more than just cute animals that your kid can play with. They're also very relaxing for stressed-out parents, and they teach your child to be more responsible. Your kids will learn to handle responsibility without feeling like it's a chore. However, do make sure to think through this decision as a pet is a responsibility and not something you can abandon when the family does not want it anymore.

5. Slip your child some sweet notes

When preparing your kid's snacks for school, slip a sweet note, or a funny joke to brighten up your child's day. They'll surely love the sentiment, even if they don't usually show it to you.

6. Share photos and stories back when you were a kid


Kids especially love it when you share your embarrassing photos and stories. Kids also love it when they can relate better to their parents.

6. Pillow fights!

Kids love to play, and there's nothing better than a good old fashioned pillow fight! Just make sure not to hurt your child in the process.

7. Stay up late and watch the full moon

Kids nowadays usually spend a lot of time indoors and don't really get a chance to go outside as much. Set aside a night where you and your kid can stay up late and just watch the moon and the stars. It's an awesome activity, and it's also great for bonding with your kid.

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