Sitting Tall – Shopping for a high chair

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Shopping for a High Chair? We tell you what to look out for!

Shopping for a highchair in Singapore? There are loads available and they all come with a range of accessories and add-ons which are promoted as beneficial. How in the world are you expected to choose which high chair to buy?

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Our readers share important tips on purchasing a high chair for your little one.

To save you on your witch hunt, we ask our readers for their tips on buying a high chair in Singapore:

Look for a high chair with:

1) Height adjustments – to elevate child to the correct height of the table
2) Wheels – for easy moving
3) Detachable tray – for easy cleaning and ease of placing baby in and out of chair
4) Footrest – so babies feet is not left dangling
5) Sturdy child restraint – to ensure your baby is securely fastened in the high chair
6) Well-padded seat – to lessen the discomfort for baby
7) Folding – to allow for easy storage
8) Easy cleaning – for those times that your child makes a mess
9) 5-point harness – when child learns to stand on their high chair, buckles that are only at the waist would be dangerous
10) Sturdy – has enough weight so it doesn’t fall over when your child leans a little further

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