Sitting Tall - Shopping for a high chair

Sitting Tall - Shopping for a high chair

Shopping for a High Chair? We tell you what to look out for!

Shopping for a highchair in Singapore? There are loads available and they all come with a range of accessories and add-ons which are promoted as beneficial. How in the world are you expected to choose which high chair to buy?

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Our readers share important tips on purchasing a high chair for your little one.

To save you on your witch hunt, we ask our readers for their tips on buying a high chair in Singapore:

Look for a high chair with:

1) Height adjustments – to elevate child to the correct height of the table
2) Wheels – for easy moving
3) Detachable tray – for easy cleaning and ease of placing baby in and out of chair
4) Footrest – so babies feet is not left dangling
5) Sturdy child restraint – to ensure your baby is securely fastened in the high chair
6) Well-padded seat – to lessen the discomfort for baby
7) Folding – to allow for easy storage
8) Easy cleaning – for those times that your child makes a mess
9) 5-point harness – when child learns to stand on their high chair, buckles that are only at the waist would be dangerous
10) Sturdy – has enough weight so it doesn’t fall over when your child leans a little further

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High chairs our readers have tested and loved:

1) Ikea


According to readers, Ikea’s Antilop is one of the most inexpensive and sturdy high chairs.

Cheap and durable, Ikea is a top favourite among the parents. Fuss-free, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting. A cheaper alternative to Stokke!

2) Stokke Singapore

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Tripp Trapp from Stokke is highly recommended by readers for those willing to splurge.

Our readers love high chairsfrom Stokke, particularly the Tripp Trapp! The concept of the Tripp Trapp is well-loved by our readers for its durability and its adaptability to different ages. The high chair’s ability to convert means that your child would never outgrow  his or her old high chair.

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3) Combi

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Our readers particularly love the maneuverability of the Combi’s high chairs!

The Combi high chair is loved for its roller wheels and comfort. It is a little expensive but still deemed to be worth every cent by our readers! It could even be inclined for nap time, and acts as a mobile bed.  

These are some other places to purchase a wide variety of high chairs! 

1) Mothercare
2) Giant
3) Kiddy Palace

Or, some readers recommend buying pre-loved ones!

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Do you have any other high chair buying tips? Do share with us below.

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Roshni Mahtani

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