How to choose a baby high chair

How to choose a baby high chair

High chair, the one thing your baby will spend a lot time with. Many parents only think about how it'll look amongst other furniture in the house, but there are many factors to consider when picking out a high chair. Find out what to really look for!

choose a baby high chair

Don’t just go off of looks — find out how to choose a baby high chair that’s safe for your baby

High chair, the piece of equipment that allows your child to sit and throw food at you, but also the thing that lets your child perch and stay engaged by watching you do household chores. It’s so essential and is often purchased by parents as soon as their baby can sit up on their own and eat solid food. However, when you choose a baby high chair for your child, don’t be confused by the plethora of options out there. Take it easy and follow this guide:

Safety features

Babies can fall off a high chair at anytime, so make sure that you choose a baby high chair that’s stable with a superior design. Also, check if the chair has indeed passed safety standards. Restraints such as crotch strap and waist strap should be incorporated in the seat. Locking devices on the wheels and chair must be available to prevent the chair from rolling away or collapsing while your baby is in it. Choose a baby high chair that can hold a weight capacity that could support more than the weight of your child.

choose a baby high chair

Safety isn’t the only thing to look out for when you choose a baby high chair. Always aim to get maximum add-ons

Additional baby chair features

Apart from safety, make sure that you choose a baby high chair that’s chock-full of additional features and add-ons such as these:

  1. Removable extra tray – extra high chair trays are always welcome bonuses especially because children make such a mess when eating. With an extra tray, you won’t have to let your child wait for meals while you clean up the dirty one.
  2. Multi-functional – there are numerous grow-with-baby high chairs available in the market that could accommodate your child’s growing body and needs. For example, there’s a high chair that converts into a separate table and chair that will be perfect when your child grows into a toddler.
  3. Adjustable seat heights – This feature is ideal for babies on-the-go as not all tables are made of equal height.
  4. Comfortable – choose a baby high chair that comes with a comfortable design and appropriately padded cushions. If not, your baby would be fussing all throughout every meal time.
  5. Foldable and compact – when space is limited in the home, choose a baby high chair that can be folded into a compact unit for easy storage.
  6. Easy to clean – babies make a lot of mess so make sure that you choose a baby high chair that’s very easy to clean. Spilled food and liquid should not be an issue especially on the seat.

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Keeping baby safe

Choose a baby high chair that’s made from a reputable brand to help prevent any safety issues. More importantly, always restrain and secure your child when using the high chair. Do not leave your child unattended while sitting on the chair and eating. This helps prevent choking and toppling accidents from happening.

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Did you use a high chair for your baby? How did you choose a baby high chair? We’d love to hear from you. For more information on baby high chairs and how to choose one, please see the video below:

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