Singaporean Mother Shares Her Thoughts on Having Two Gay Sons

Singaporean Mother Shares Her Thoughts on Having Two Gay Sons

"I was worried for them, that their lives might be difficult, that they might face lots of challenges..."

Singaporean lab scientist, Dr. Khoo Hoon Eng, is a mother of two gay sons who both came out to her on separate occasions. However, unlike the typical, she reacted in a calm and encouraging manner.

In this heartwarming video, Dr Khoo shares her thoughts and gives advice to other parents of LGBTQ children.

"Mama, I am gay"

Her eldest son, Ming, came out to her when he was 15-year-old and told her, "Mama, I am gay." She was in disbelief initially and thought he was doing a school project to look at parents' reaction. However, she chose not to freak out and instead spoke calmly to her son to understand his plight. 

Her second son, En, was caught reading gay literature by their father caught him which prompted Dr Khoo to have a conversation with her son and that is when her son came out to her that he was also gay.

"I was worried for them."

When speaking about the challenges she faced as a mother or two gay sons, she mentioned that she was mostly worried that her sons' futures will be difficult due to discrimination and misconception about LGBTQ people in society.

"Some parents blame themselves."

She felt that some parents may feel guilty and think that it's their fault that their children turn out to be lesbian, gay or transgender. However, she wants to assure other parents in similar situation that this is not the case. She advised parents to talk to their children and understand how their life is for them and what difficulties they are going through because what's important is that "your happiness should be tied up with your children's happiness" and parents "always choose love".

Parents, what are your thoughts on this heartwarming video? Share them with us! 

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Pavin Chopra

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