Singaporean Mum Wants Divorce Because Of Bad Grades!

Singaporean Mum Wants Divorce Because Of Bad Grades!

Divorce is no laughing matter but the reasons people come up with as grounds for splitting are becoming more absurd. Perhaps “irreconcilable differences” can include a smorgasbord of character irregularities – depending on interpretation. However, wanting a divorce because your kid has bad grades— now that takes the cake!

Surely, you’ve read numerous stories of kooky reasons for getting divorced like: the woman who divorced her husband for cleaning too much or the woman who wanted a divorce because her husband’s penis extension broke during sex. Verifiable? Not quite!

But here’s a true story in our very own backyard. A Singaporean woman reportedly wants a divorce after her son’s grades took a dip for the worse.

Exam grades; grounds for divorce

So, the son is enrolled in an elite secondary school and has been among the top ten of his class thus far. When his grades started slipping, mom panicked and believed that her son might be experiencing depression and took him to Dr. Hong, a psychiatrist from the Adam Road Medical Centre.

Singaporean Mum Wants Divorce Because Of Bad Grades!

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Dr. Hong revealed that the mom felt that the father was a “negative influence” on their son and desired to file for a divorce. She was not pleased that her husband took their son for outings because she thought it affected her son’s studies.

She went as far as requesting for a letter from Dr. Hong stating that the father was, certifiably, a “negative influence” on their son so that it can be submitted as a reason for the divorce. Thankfully, Dr. Hong refused as he believed that those outings were a stress reliever from exams.

The psychiatrist offered that the mom should alter the way she was looking at the situation. But of course, his advice was rejected. She was quite insistent on getting divorced.

Exam blues for parents

Singaporean Mum Wants Divorce Because Of Bad Grades!

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Dr. Hong mentioned that parents who are overly worried about their children’s studies are very likely to be unhappy with some aspect of their own lives. To escape that, they rather place more focus on their children instead. Parents are gratified when their children perform well in school.

He said: “Such parents need counselling to help them feel more secure about themselves and help them understand that they should maintain reasonable expectations toward their children.”

If your kid gets bad grades, find a reasonable remedy. Divorce is such an extreme punishment that will definitely leave the child scarred for life.

Interesting factoid:

People seem to be interested in how to get a divorce — trust Tinseltown to come up with wacky ideas that might set trends. California has added one other ground to their divorce petition form – “incurable insanity”. We wonder how many celebrities or regular folks would checkmark that option when filing for divorce?


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