52-year-old Singaporean hunk seeks new career in acting

52-year-old Singaporean hunk seeks new career in acting

Hunky model, pro photographer, and now... actor?

He’s the Singaporean photographer with his youthful looks who shot to fame last year after pictures of him were circulated on social media — does the name Chuando Tan ring a bell?

singaporean chuando tan

(Photo: Instagram/Chuando Tan)

If not, it’s just more of a reason to take notice of this Singaporean hunk who literally looks half his age! 

singaporean chuando tan

Chuando’s exposure through social media has brought his Instagram fame to over 1.1 million followers, to date.

singaporean chuando tan

Photo: Instagram

But he’s more than just another “Instagrammer” on your Instagram feeds.

Singaporean Chuando Tan: Pursuing an Acting Career in China

This year, the model-turned-photographer has announced that he will be moving to China to pursue an acting career. Chuando’s basically showing us that age is just a number. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to pursue your dreams or trying something new.

singaporean chuando tan

Suit up! | Photo: Instagram/Fan account of Chuando @chuandotan

In April this year, Chuando moved to Beijing as it allowed him to explore such opportunities.

It was a good move according to him, in an interview with 8 Days. “The whole world is turning their attention there and everything is happening there,” he said. “China is the place to be now.”

Speaking of which, a well-known agency has already signed him!

singaporean chuando tan

Photo: Instagram/Chuando Tan

According to the same interview, Chuando shares that the agency is a “Hong Kong artiste management agency”, which also represents Angelababy and Japanese model and actress Kiko Mizuhara.

It sure seems like they played their cards right, considering Chuando’s current global fame.

Experiencing Global Fame

singaporean chuando tan

That beach body. | Photo: Instagram/Chuando Tan

“A lot of people from all over the world, like South America, have told me on Instagram that they discovered me and are now following me,” he added.

singaporean chuando tan

Smouldering eyes | Photo: Instagram/Chuando Tan

Chuando thinks that it “became a trend in India” for the Instagram users there to tag him in their photos — even if it had no relation to him — as a platform to get more exposure for their own photos.

He says that fans often send him messages expressing their love for him, and asking him about his diet and skincare routine. 

singaporean chuando tan

Show us a man that looks as good after waking up. | Photo: Instagram/Fan account of Chuando @chuandotan




















“That’s the main part of why people are still following me on Instagram — anti-ageing. They want to find out more about me than my photography work, even though I started this Instagram thing for my photography.”

Aww. Chuando, we love your photography! And we can’t wait to see what you bring to the big screen. 

This article was first published on Asian Money Guide. Republished with permission. 


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