Singapore Wife Catches Husband With Friend in New Flat and Does This!

Singapore Wife Catches Husband With Friend in New Flat and Does This!

What would you do if you opened the door of your house, to find your husband cosying up with another woman?

A Singapore wife recently caught her husband red-handed, with their mutual friend, in their new HDB flat. She decided to take 'revenge' - by publicly shaming them on Facebook, in a rather...err... descriptive post.

The post has since then gone viral.

Wife catches husband with friend

Facebook user Joanne apparently decided to make a trip to her new HDB flat, only to find her hubby cosying up with their mutual friend on the couch. This mutual friend was apparently the hubby's good friend's wife.

She writes, "Guess what I saw, two of them laying on the sofa so close together and got really ganjiong (nervous) when they saw me..."

While she didn't exactly catch them 'in action', she went on to put together some 'facts' that prove that the two were in an illicit relationship. Here goes, in her own words, as it is:

  • "Fact 1: This guy haven't been behaving well for the past 6 mths or so. (Literally every time I call him he'd be with her and her husband. "Who knows whether what he said was true")
  • Fact 2: This girl MC/LEAVE/PONTEN from work today without the husband knowing. (She say it's the first time she ponten asked her to call her office HR to confirm how many days of leave or mc she took to prove but she didn't want to I think scared husband know she ponten many times.)
  • Fact 3: I went over to pull her jacket which she wasn't wearing (covering only). She vehhh ganjiong siol...
  • Fact 4: She was wearing spaghetti top and the position she was laying, wowsie her boobs were about to flop out and the bra seemingly unbuckled. IM A GIRL I KNOW HOW A BRA LOOKS LIKE HALF HANGING.

Singapore Wife Catches Husband With Friend in New Flat and Does This!

  • Fact 5: My husband was half naked (okay well, half naked was not a big deal but I just wanna add on to the list)
  • Fact 6: This guy's clothes reeked of her perfume smell. So you tell me y'all never cuddle will have the smell uh? Wowsie the perfume brand so power I need to buy also.
  • Fact 7: They were sitting really closely tgt SUMPA. My eyes don't lie and I LZH will never ever fabricate things up.
  • Fact 8: Didn't allow me to check his phone because maybe too many private stuff.
  • Fact 9: And this woman can still so self righteous say she never do anything wrong. WOWSIE.
  • Fact 10: She was laying on the sofa the whole time (probably because of the unbuckled bra)"

That err...pretty much sums it all, doesn't it?

Joanne also adds that she pretended to act normal so that her hubby would think she had forgiven him. 

She also laments, "For all of those who know me. I gave him a lot of freedom I don't even care who he hangs out with what he does outside. I trust him with all of my heart even thou he cheated on me with my best friend before. Even when he lay hands on me and stuff like that I just KPKB and move on because I'm cool as f***."

"Poor me, of all that I've suffered after abortion just weeks ago. What sucks was that I didn't manage to take a proper pic of them sitting real close. Well. Y'all decide.
P.S; Sharing is caring. Let the rain fall guys!!!
Your beloved wife"


She then went on to post pictures, of her hubby's, and mutual friend's Facebook profiles as well.

'The mutual friend' soon lashed out in a separate Facebook post (which she has since then taken down), and blasted the wife with something like this, "Taking photo with diff kinds of guys cuddling around which is all over your social media platforms. Did you even spare a thought for your poor husband?".

Finally, she also claimed that anyone who knew her friendship with the 'hubby', wouldn't question what they were doing.

She didn't really find many sympathizers for her post though...perhaps for not offering a convincing explanation for being alone with a married man in his new HDB flat?

Well, we don't claim to know who is in the right, but we do know that it is every wife's worst nightmare; to open the door of your house, to find your husband cosying up with another woman.

For trust is the backbone of every marriage. Without trust, there is no marriage.

Readers, what would you have done, if something similar had happened to you? Let us know in our poll...

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