Singapore teacher performs oral sex on pupils

Singapore teacher performs oral sex on pupils

A sexual predator, in the form of a school teacher has struck Singapore. Find out what happened and how to protect your kids from monsters who are vying to devour their innocence…

Right here, at our doorstep a former teacher has been accused of the unmentionable – molesting and performing oral sex on his pupils. Where? In a primary school located in the eastern part of Singapore.

The man, 37-years of age had allegedly committed the grievous offences on boys that were as young as nine to 11 of age. The pre-pubescent boys were robbed of their innocence when he touched the boys’ groins and buttocks. These atrocious acts will scar these victims for life and confuse them in terms of their sexuality in the future.

The former teacher is believed to have molested the kids between March and May of 2009. He performed those acts at various places in the school—including the computer laboratory. Was no one watching? Were there no cameras? Was this after school hours?

The case will be heard in court on 9 January next year.

Steps to protect your child

As you may already know, it is a proven fact that a very high percentage of pedophiles and sex offenders know their victims. There is already an existing relationship of some sort that has been established. This simply means that the people that you have trusted in your child’s life might break your trust. So be suspicious if you have any doubts, because you can never be too cautious. Better to be safe than sorry.

Never underestimate the sexual predator; they are way smarter than you can imagine. So, you’ve got to be ahead of the game and be more prepared than they are. Be sure that you know where your child is at all times and never take your eyes off them. Don’t blink if you can. How? By surrounding yourself with friends, family and people that you can trust completely, so they can keep an eye on your kids too.

Your child needs to know. Educating your child is perhaps the most important step of all. If your kid is very aware and informed with what action to take when faced with dubious sexual encounters or strangers who want to harm them. At least they will know that something is very wrong and will not go along with what the sexual predator wants.

Yes, prevention is better than cure. Example; you can try, but you cannot possibly ban your child from going online and using the internet. The more you forbid them, they will resist you even more. So you as a parent, should become and expert on the subject. You have to learn the ins and outs of the chat room, forums and social networking sites. Set up an account of your own and then you’re set!

Who said that raising a kid was going to be easy? Education and community will be the cornerstones of any safe and happy neighbourhood. Surround your young ones with families that share the same moral ethics and family protection standards. You can’t be selfish and think only of your child. Everybody has to watch each other’s back for this to work. Let it be a win-win situation.


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Written by

Felicia Chin

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