Singapore teacher installs spy camera in girls toilet

Singapore teacher installs spy camera in girls toilet

Is there no privacy anywhere now? Right here in Singapore, even school toilets can be places where sex predators can spy on our kids, not physically, but via sneaky hidden cameras.

This cautionary article about a Singapore teacher installing a camera in girls toilet, is from our archives. 

Last year, we wrote about an elementary school principal in Iowa who violated students’ trust by installing cameras in the boy’s room and compiling the footage into a pornographic film to be sold online. Now, we realise that we may not be as safe we think—a similar case has struck Singapore with a teacher being nabbed after he installed a spy camera in girls toilet. 

Spy camera in girls toilet

Reports say that he was a well-loved secondary school teacher. He was even visited by his students during Chinese New Year. He is a star-performer as he even led a uniformed group to be award-winning. It’s safe to say that no one expected or suspected that this teacher would commit such a serious offence. So what did this teacher do?

detect hidden cameras

How to detect hidden cameras?


Pinhole cameras found in the toilet

Reports suggest that the teacher had installed up to three pinhole cameras in a girl’s toilet in the school. Where is this school? It’s located in the western part of Singapore. A student accidentally chanced upon the devices when she was using the toilet.

Noticing that something was amiss, the student reported the findings to a staff member who then discovered two similar recording devices in two separate stalls within the same restroom. The staff removed all the cameras and brought it to the staff room and left it there thinking it was safe—upon returning, all the cameras were missing.

The accused teacher was caught when the CCTV footage was viewed to catch the culprit. It showed the accused teacher walking away with all the cameras left in the staff room. He was then arrested by the police when the school reported his actions to authorities.

No comment from the school

As the case is still under investigation—the school has refused to comment in depth. But a spokesperson voiced: “The school will continue to monitor the well-being of the staff and students and provide support to staff and students who might be affected by the incident.”

Students were assured by the principal during an assembly that the school is now safe and secure and all toilets have been screened and no more cameras were found. Students were also told not to speculate prematurely.

It’s not safe out there

This is one of a few teachers who have betrayed the students’ and parents’ trust recently. Just a couple of weeks ago, a teacher was caught feeding his own semen to his students and placing roaches on them. There was also teacher masturbating in front of his students for years before he was caught.

In short, it isn’t safe and there is nothing much we can do as parents but be more involved in our kid’s life. We have to ask them questions, listen to them and pay close attention to details—all seemingly minor details of their lives. Teach your kids to be very aware of their surroundings and trust no one. As soon as they notice something fishy, they should tell you immediately.

In a case like this, there is nothing much a parent can do about school security. The schools would have to clamp down and do more—knowing that there are such perverts on our shores.

Students’ reactions

Our kids are smart. Here are some student’s reactions when told about the pinhole camera incident?

A 14-year-old studying at Beatty Secondary School, Michelle Yeoh commented: “I can’t believe that a teacher in Singapore could install pinhole cameras in a girls’ toilet in his school. Teachers are supposed to be morally upright. I’m very shocked.”

Michelle’s friend from the same school, Shelia Loewito, aged 15, said: “I would definitely scream if I spotted a camera in the toilet. After that, I would inform my teacher about it. I think I could be traumatised if it really happened to me. Maybe I should check the toilet carefully in the future before doing anything.”

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