Singapore-Melbourne flights affected by ash

Singapore-Melbourne flights affected by ash

If you have travel plans to Melbourne, Australia this week, make sure you confirm your flight plans with your airline before you set off to the airport.

Flights affected by ash

Qantas flights between Singapore and Melbourne have been affected as a result of volcanic ash from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile.

QF9 from Melbourne will now only arrive in Singapore three hours later, at 12.05am on Tuesday, instead of its original scheduled arrival time of 9.20pm. This will in turn affect the connecting flight to Heathrow London, which has also been re-timed to 1.25am on Tuesday from 11.05pm earlier.

Qantas said one service, QF10 from Singapore to Melbourne was also diverted to Sydney on Monday morning. Qantas is trying to accommodate those passengers on services onward to Melbourne on Monday.

The airline also said passengers from Singapore flying from Australia to New Zealand will not be able to travel on Monday.

Qantas said it will either accommodate these passengers in hotels until the situation improves, or allow them to change their bookings. It said New Zealand and Tasmania services remain cancelled for the full day.

A decision on Tuesday's services will be made on Monday evening (Sydney/Melbourne time).

Flights from other carriers has also been affected. They include a Jetstar Airways flight from Melbourne (originally scheduled to arrive at 4.50pm) and a Jetstar Asia Airways flight (originally scheduled to arrive at 6.00pm) from Auckland.

Both have been cancelled.

A Jetstar flight to Melbourne - (originally set to depart at 9.00pm), was also delayed.

Source: CNA

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