Travelling with a baby: Janet Hsieh shares 14 super-useful tips!

Travelling with a baby: Janet Hsieh shares 14 super-useful tips!

Janet Hsieh recently took her first international flight with her 3-month-old infant and she's got some great tips for travelling with a baby!

One of our favourite celebrity mums, Janet Hsieh, recently took her first international flight with her 3-month-old baby and guess what, she’s back with some great tips! We are such big Janet fans for her willingness to share every little struggle and learning of her motherhood journey. These Janet Hsieh travellingtips for mums with babies are so useful, you’ll want to save them right away!

Janet Hsieh travellingtips for mums!

True to her nature, Janet wasted no time in sharing her tips on Facebook. Here they are, all 14 of them:

 1.”Pick a flight that flies overnight or when your baby is usually sleeping. Sleeping baby = happy passengers = happy parents.”

2. “Make sure to book the seats with a baby bassinet. There’s usually the added bonus of extra leg room.”

“Disadvantage is that you can’t put your bags by your feet during take off and landing, so make sure you have everything you need for the first few minutes of the flight (pacifiers, bottles, chew toys, drool cloths, etc.)”

3. “Less is more. Seriously! Do NOT over pack.”

4. “Do NOT underpack either.”

“Packing is the hardest part! Make sure you have essentials in your carry on. (diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, formula/milk, an extra set of clothes in case your baby decides to make your life hell by pooping him/herself for…shits and giggles.)”

Another Janet Hsieh travellinghack would be to “pack the rest in your check in or buy it when you arrive.”

Also, mummies, we would like to add to that – don’t forget to pack some spare clothes for yourselves, in case your baby decides to vomit/poop on you. Yes, it can happen.

5. “I personally found that bringing my nursing pillow as a carry on was amazing. Not only for nursing, but also it’s a nice snuggle place for your baby to sit while he/she’s on your lap while giving your arms a little rest.”

6. “If you can borrow a car seat and stroller at your destination, DO IT!! It saves on luggage space and it’s so much more convenient.”

“So make friends with people with babies, and ask them (very nicely) if they can pick you up with their car seat docked in place.”

Janet Hsieh travelling


7. “If you can’t borrow a car seat or stroller at your destination, you have a couple of options:

  • Use an umbrella stroller (which is a light and easily foldable stroller which you can use as a carry on)
  • Bring a regular stroller and you can check it in at the gate. It won’t count toward your luggage allowance.
  • You will have to check your car seat at the ticket counter though, unless you have purchased a seat for your baby.

And even then, you have to make sure your car seat is approved by FAA to be used on an aircraft. Also -consider putting your car seat in a clear plastic bag so that it doesn’t get too dirty and you don’t lose any small parts.

The clear plastic helps baggage workers recognize that it’s a car seat so hopefully they will be a bit more gentle with the bag.”

8. “You can usually go over the 100ml liquid rule when it comes to baby milk, food and formula if you’re travelling with a baby.

But check amounts for each airline and country and have them in an easy to reach location for when you go through security (and for when your baby is wailing for food.)”

Janet Hsieh travelling


9.”If possible, wear your baby through security. It opens up your hands to carry your bags and security is usually nicer to you. Train your baby to gurgle and smile at the nice security officers.”

10. “You can board early with a baby who hooo!! But wait….. Maybe you don’t really want to be in your cramped seat for an extra 20 minutes before the flight takes off.”

11.”Babies can’t adjust to air pressure as well as adults can, so during take off and (20 minutes-ish before) landing, try and feed your baby and/or give him/her something to suck on to force them to swallow and alleviate the pressure.”

12. “Most airlines have diaper changing tables in the toilets, but ask the flight attendants which bathroom is the biggest and best one. It may not be the one closest to you.”

13. “Relax. Don’t panic. Babies will cry. You will get some dirty looks. But maybe you will also get some help and sympathy.”

14. “If your baby doesn’t stop crying, try walking around in the back of the plane where there are fewer passengers. Or hide in the toilet.”

Tell him/her stories. If all fails, try crying with him/her. It makes the other passengers feel bad for you.

Lol for that last tip. 😉

Did you find these Janet Hsieh travellinghacks helpful, mums? Let us know about your baby’s first travel experience in the comments below!

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