Lover uploads Singapore maid's sex videos on Facebook!

Lover uploads Singapore maid's sex videos on Facebook!

A vengeful lover uploaded a Singapore maid's sex videos on Facebook and sent them to her friends and family. Read!

He helped her open a Facebook account. He had access to view and change the password of the account. She pestered him, but he refused to reveal her password. She had no idea what she was in for. That’s how a Singapore maid’s sex videos went viral. 

Singapore maid’s sex videos uploaded by estranged lover 

According to The Straits Times, Bangladeshi construction worker Miah MD Shahin, 30, was involved in an intimate relationship with an Indonesian maid since Feb 2016.

The two would meet up for sex in a hotel. The maid, a mother of one, was unaware that he was secretly recording videos of their sexual trysts. Things got murky last December, when she informed him over the phone that it was the end of their relationship.

He refused to accept that he had been dumped; he threatened to upload their intimate videos on Facebook.

Almost 25 people received the videos

When the 34-year-old maid declined to meet up with him on Jan 1, he decided to shame her. He got into her Facebook account, and sent the sex videos to her friends and family.

Apparently, at least 25 people received the videos.

singapore maid's sex videos

The release of Singapore maid’s sex videos have led to uncovering of more murky details about her relationship. | Image courtesy: Stock image

She was scandalised when she got to know about the videos and when angry family members called her up about it.

Scared that he would post more of the videos, she complained to the police on Jan 6. The police arrested Miah. On Friday (Jan 13), he was jailed for 10 months for criminal intimidation.

Dealing with maid’s lover

Your maid has as much right to a social life as anyone else. But sometimes the equilibrium of the family as a unit gets upset, in the event that things go wrong, as in this case.

Here are some things that you might want to advise your maid, when it comes to her love life:

  • To never bring her lover homeYour baby’s safety is of paramount importance. So you must advise your maid to never mix work and pleasure.
  • Lay out your rules and regulations. Be clear at the very onset about how much time you will give her to use her phone. Or, when you will allow her to socialise etc.
  • To be careful when choosing lovers. To keep away from people with shabby backgrounds, who might be abusive, or even instigate the maid to steal from or assault the employer!
  • Dissuade her from divulging her bank account details. There have been cases of men pretending to be lovers. They do this to take advantage of the maid’s cash and possessions. So she might do well to keep her bank balance a secret.
  • To never take the baby out to meet her lover. One of my friends was shocked to come home early one day, only to find her baby and the maid missing. It later emerged that the maid had taken the baby with her when she went to meet her lover in the carpark nearby.
  • To never allow access to phone and social media. This case is a classic example of what can go wrong when one gives access of private accounts to lovers.
  • To never let her lover take hot pics. One must be wary of the power of a cellphone. Ask her to never send any nude images of herself, no matter how much her lover asks for them. Nor should she allow him to take hot pics or videos of hers. A moment of vengeance can wreak havoc into many a life.

Source: The Straits Times

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