Singapore mum shocked to discover scandalous sex life of maid!

Singapore mum shocked to discover scandalous sex life of maid!

This Singapore mum got the shock of her life when she stumbled upon messages that revealed the scandalous sex life of her maid!

A Singapore mum was shocked to know recently, that her Indonesian maid had been 'selling sex' on her days off.

Mum discovers secret sex life of maid

The incident was first reported on Lianhe Wanbao, and according to this report, the maid had been hired in June this year, after her employer (only known as Chen), had given birth to her second son.

The 37-year-old Indonesian maid was expected to help with the household chores, while the mother-in-law looked after her 8-month-old grandson.

All was well for the first 2 months, and the maid seemed to be quite efficient in performing her duties. However, she did have the habit of frequently checking her mobile phone, and not admitting to damaging items while cleaning.

Things began to change once she started taking her weekly days off. She was then seen wearing heavy make up, and often returned home late.

makeup, lipstick, lip balm, mouth, vain

This eventually started affecting her work, as she ended up oversleeping, and seemed to be addicted to her mobile phone.

Mummy Chen sensed that something was amiss, and so on September 26, she decided to check on the maid's mobile phone while she was in the bath.

To her shock, she discovered text messages to and from at least four foreign workers. All the messages centred on the possibility of having sex. Apparently, in return for her sexual favours, the maid had also asked the men to cover her mobile re-charge/top-up expenses.

Needless to say, mummy Chen was shocked and wasted no time in reporting the matter to the employment agency. They terminated the maid’s work contract and promised to send her home as soon as possible.

When the maid was informed about her dismissal, she apparently, did not ask the reason why she was sacked. It seems, she admitted to Chen that she viewed her relationships in a casual light.

Reactions to this case on social media seem to be divided, with many saying that the employer had no right to check the maid's phone and intrude into her privacy.

Some others supported the employer saying she had the right to know what was going on, since the maid was not doing her work well. "What if she had got pregnant?" They asked. 

What do you feel, readers? Do let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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