What would you do if your maid became pregnant while on home leave?

What would you do if your maid became pregnant while on home leave?

Would you send her back to her country immediately, or would you care for her like she were a member of your family? Find out what these Singaporean employers did when their maid became pregnant while on home leave...

Most domestic helpers will be very worried about being sent home and losing their job if they were to get pregnant. Luckily for 38-year-old Arik, her employer is absolutely supportive.

According to The Straits Times, Arik started complaining of abdominal pains in September, a month after she returned to Singapore following her month-long leave in Indonesia. She was admitted to KK Women's and Children's Hospital and a scan revealed that she was eight weeks along.

The timing proved that the baby was conceived back in Indonesia. This is Arik's first time expecting with her husband of four years.

Despite her pregnancy, employer Mr Luke Wong, a 58-year-old marine officer with one son, did not send his helper back to Indonesia immediately. A strong bond has been built over the 10 years that Arik worked for the Wongs—Mr Wong and his wife allowed Arik to rest in their house.

They even made an appeal to the Ministry of Manpower to extend her stay until mid-October, keep in touch with her and are "excited to find out the gender of the baby".

Mr Wong explained, "She was worried about the baby but we assured her that we would make sure everything is okay before she goes back. The conditions in her kampung may not be so good. If anything goes wrong how would she go to a hospital?"

As for Arik, she hopes to be back in Singapore to continue working for the Wong family.

"I like Singapore because my employers trust me like family. I must work hard to get money to look after my baby," Arik expressed in her WhatsApp text to The Straits Times.

After hearing all the stories about maids going for abortion out of fear, we are just glad to know that Arik and her baby are well, and she is under the care of very kind employers during her course of work in Singapore.

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Brenda Loo

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