Singapore maid confesses to killing her employers!

Singapore maid confesses to killing her employers!

The culprit behind the murder of an elderly couple in Singapore has just been arrested. A maid has confessed to killing her employers!

On June 21, 2017, 79-year-old Chia Ngim Fong, and his wife, 78-year-old Chin Sek Fah, were found dead in their 5-room Bedok Reservoir flat. It was a case that shocked Singapore, and the couple were believed to be murdered.

Money and valuables were missing from their home, when their tied up and unconscious bodies were found.

On June 27, the culprit was arrested in Indonesia, and she confessed to the crime. It was none other than their maid, who had been with them for only a month.

Maid confesses to killing her employers

It was a call Indonesian maid Khasanah made, that gave her away. According to Channel NewsAsia, members of the public had overheard her saying, “What’s their condition? I don’t know. If they died, I just want to go to boarding school and repent.” They soon informed the police.

She was then closely monitored by the police, who saw that she frequented an Internet cafe and read news reports online on the murders. Officers then followed her to a hotel in Jambi, where they uncovered her details. 

Singapore maid confesses to killing her employers!


She was soon nabbed, and various items including a laptop, a ring, a jade bracelet, a necklace, five watches, mobile phones, and cash in various currencies were seized. The cash were in Indonesian rupiah, Singapore, US and Canadian dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Myanmar kyats as well as Chinese yuan.

The maid finally admitted to the cold blooded murder in Singapore, when questioned by the police. It is believed that she had fled to Indonesia by ferry after committing the crime.

Precautions to be taken when hiring a maid

This incident shines the spotlight on how vulnerable the elderly are at the hands of a maid. How can we make sure that the maid we hire is reliable? Here are some tips and precautions:

Filter using these parameters – Agency Experience (preferably > 5 years), FDW Placement Volume (> 200), FDW Retention success rate (>50) and FDW Transfer rate (0 – 10).

In case of a transfer maid, do not hesitate to contact the previous employer to better understand the the maid’s nature and the reason for transfer.

  • Keep cash and jewellery out of sight : Do not tempt your maid by leaving cash and coins carelessly around the house. Keep all your valuables, including jewellery locked up in a safe.
  • CCTV camera helps : If you really want eyes on the house when you are not around, get CCTV cameras installed in vulnerable areas. Before going out to work, you might also want to lock up your bedroom for added safety.
  • Never perform monetary transactions in front of your maid : No matter how long your maid has been with you, or how trustworthy you regard her to be, money matters must be kept private.

So, never check your account details in front of your maid, whether you are logging in online or withdrawing cash from an ATM. Also, try not to sign cheques in front of her, she might just be watching you closely.

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(Source: The Straits Times, Channel News Asia)

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