Distressed Singapore Maid Seen Standing On Window Ledge In Alleged Suicide Attempt

Distressed Singapore Maid Seen Standing On Window Ledge In Alleged Suicide Attempt

A Singapore maid attempts suicide. The shocking incident happened at Block 557, Choa Chu Kang, on July 24, 2018...

A shocking incident has come to notice. In an alleged suicide attempt, a Singapore maid was seen perched precariously on a window ledge at Block 557, Choa Chu Kang.

She was standing right next to the laundry poles of the 8th floor flat.

Singapore maid attempts suicide at Choa Chu Kang

Facebook user Jessika Putry posted about the incident, which apparently happened on 24 July 2018 at around 3:30 pm. An inflatable mattress was deployed by SCDF at the scene.

The maid was eventually rescued by SCDF and the police.

It is believed that she tried to commit suicide, though the reasons are not known yet.

Here is the video of the incident:

As of now, we really don't know what drove this maid to take this extreme course of action.

We employ maids to make our lives easier. However, let's not forget that our helper was not "born a maid". She too has a family back home. She has come to a foreign country to work, just so that she can provide for her family, and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. 

Her physical and mental health are of paramount importance, especially since she has been entrusted to take care of our loved ones.

These red flags may indicate an impending mental health condition in your helper:

  • Watch out for sudden changes in your maid's behaviour and personality. If she is cheery by nature and you notice that she seems miserable or very sad suddenly, you might want to probe further. 
  • Look out for physical signs such as swollen, red eyes that indicate she has been crying, uncombed hair, dirty clothes etc. 
  • Does she seem suddenly distant? Is she not listening to your instructions anymore, when she has always been attentive? If yes, the situation might warrant a bit of investigation. 
  • Ask her if everything is okay if you notice her having heated conversations on the phone regularly. It could be a sign there is trouble brewing at home or in her personal life. 

More importantly, in case you or anyone you know requires emotional support or help, please call SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) on 1800-221 4444 (24-hour helpline), or e-mail them at [email protected] 


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