Maid Falls From Window Of Simei Block, Gets Severely Injured

Maid Falls From Window Of Simei Block, Gets Severely Injured

Maid falls from window of Simei block: The incident happened on April 26, 2018 at Block 233, Simei Street 4, at around 11:25 am.

An Indonesian maid got severely injured after she slipped and fell from a block at Simei.

The incident happened on April 26, 2018 at Block 233, Simei Street 4, at around 11:25 am.

Maid Falls From Window

According to Stomp, the maid had been cleaning the window, with one foot on the ledge and the other foot perched precariously on a bamboo pole.

Unfortunately, the bamboo pole gave way, and she fell.

Still, a man on the second floor managed to grab hold of her by her hair. The maid's shirt had slipped off her body by then. The man was however unable to hold on for long, and the maid eventually fell.

Her fall was broken by an elderly man on the first floor.

Witnesses informed the SCDF and the maid was rushed to Changi General Hospital.

We hope that she recovers soon. 

Here is the video of the incident:

Maid falls from window: Safety rules and regulations for maids

There have been many cases of maids tragically falling to deaths after being involved in unsafe acts like cleaning the exterior of windows without adequate safety precautions.

Since 2012, MOM has tightened the rules and regulations for maid safety in Singapore:

  • Foreign maids here are not allowed to clean window exteriors unless enhanced and safe work conditions are in place:

1.The employer, or an adult representative, must be around to supervise the maid while she cleans the interior of the window.

2. Also, window grilles have to be installed and locked while the windows are being cleaned.

The rules apply to all homes, except for windows that are at the ground level or along common corridors.

  • Many maids do not come from high-rise environments and may not be used to the urban living environment in Singapore. They are therefore likely to be unaware of the risks in a high-rise domestic setting.

For example, if maids are required to hang laundry outside the window using bamboo poles, employers should ensure their maids do not stand on an elevated platform or tip toe while handling the poles, and do not overload the pole with too many clothes.

  • Employers should refer to the FDW Employer Handy Guidebook to familiarise themselves with the safety Dos and Don’ts.

In addition, they can refer to safety tips at MOM’s website at or email [email protected] if they have queries on maid safety issues.

  • Failure to comply constitutes a breach of the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) Regulations, which fall under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

Employers who fail to comply may be prosecuted and permanently barred from hiring a maid.

  • Members of the public should notify MOM if they see maids working in unsafe conditions. They can call 6438 5122 or email [email protected] to seek help from MOM.

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(Source: Stomp)

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