Myanmar maid forced to eat her own vomit by employers

Myanmar maid forced to eat her own vomit by employers

The maid testified against her employers for various forms of abuse...

Earlier this week (25 September), a domestic helper from Myanmar testified in court. She said that she was abused by her Singaporean employers and they often hit her and even made her eat her own vomit after she was force-fed. Her case added to the long list of cases of Singapore maid abuse

Singapore maid abuse: A shocking tale

The domestic helper – Moe Moe Than – was testifying against her previous employers Tay Wee Kiat, 39, and his wife Chia Yun Ling, 41, in the State Courts before District Judge Olivia Low, say reports

Than spoke in court about the range of “punishments.” They would allegedly can her buttocks, slap and hit her on the head and force her to wear just her bra and shorts. 

Once, Chia was annoyed that Than had not given her daughter adequate water. So she allegedly made Than strip naked, then took a photo of her. Chia proceeded to laugh at the image and also show it to the other domestic helper she employed, an Indonesian woman named Fitriyah. 

Than’s rest hours were from midnight to 5.30am. She also alleged that she was not given enough to eat, with plain rice and water usually being what she got. Once, she said she was so hungry that she ate a banana skin. 

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When Than had asked Chia for more food, she said the employer had proceeded to force-feed her a mixture of sugar and rice through a funnel. Than wanted to vomit, so she went to the toilet to do so. But Chia instructed Fitriyah to bring a plastic bag and for Than to vomit into that instead. 

Than was then reportedly forced to eat her own vomit. 

In addition to all of this, the employers only allowed Than to use the bathroom three times a day. They also gave her a punishment if she went more than three times. They also monitored all her movements through CCTV, she said. 

Tay too had abused Than, once hitting her on her head so hard that she started to bleed from the wound. 

The employers also forced the two helpers to hit each other as punishment for various things including not being able to find a child’s pacifier. 

Tay and Chia face a maximum jail term of two years. Or, a fine of up to $5000 for purposely causing hurt to Than. Currently, they are both out on bail of $5000 each. 

Singapore maid abuse reflects serious inhumanity! They are human too…

As honest and fair employers, let’s be mindful of our domestic helpers’ wellbeing and rights. Plus, we should mind how we treat and speak to them, especially in front of our children. 

Do ensure your domestic helper has adequate rest time and enough food and drink. These are basic human needs and rights. Clearly set out house rules at the beginning of her contract so there is no confusion or miscommunication. 

How we treat others is testament to how our kids will treat others, both in their childhood and as adults.

Watch this video to see just how children learn from us and our actions: 

Reference: Yahoo News Singapore

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