Singapore family in car crash on the way home from Malaysia

Singapore family in car crash on the way home from Malaysia

Apparently, it was the first time the family ever drove to Malaysia.

In some very sad news following the Hari Raya Aidilfitri long weekend, a Singapore family has been involved in a bad car crash on their way home from Singapore. 

Tragedy: Singapore Family in Car Crash in Johor

The accident happened on Friday June 15. 

Mr Chua Keh Loing, his wife and two children aged eight and six, had been driving home to Singapore from Malaysia at the start of the long weekend after visiting relatives in Rompin. 

According to The Straits Times, Mr Chua lost control of his car. It then collided head-on with an SUV near Tangkak at around 2.15pm. 

Sadly, the dad of two died at the scene from his injuries. His wife and children suffered injuries — the former, very serious. 

She was taken to Tangkak hospital, but unfortunately, her injuries were too serious and she passed away there. 

The couple’s son and daughter — now orphaned — are being treated for their injuries at the same hospital. 

singapore family in car crash

It’s never easy to talk to kids about death. But it can (and should) be done in the correct way.


Mrs Chua’s sister reportedly said the little ones had been asking for their parents. However, they have not been told about their mum and dad’s deaths as the family are not sure how they will cope with the news. 

The family lived in Woodlands. Neighbours, meanwhile, have said that while the family usually makes about three trips a year to Malaysia, they usually do so by train. It is understood that this might have been the first time they ever drove there. 

The couple’s wake will be held in Seremban.

Here at theAsianparent, we extend our condolences to the families of Mr and Mrs Chua. Our hearts and prayers are with the two little ones, and we hope they will be okay. 


Source: The Straits Times 

Featured images: Screengrab, The Straits Times 

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