Singapore father spends baby bonus on girls in Geylang

Singapore father spends baby bonus on girls in Geylang

He even took money from his own mother...

We look up to our fathers as adults in the same way our children admire and love their own dads. Dads truly are a noble species… except for this one. This Singapore dad cheats everyone — including his own wife and mother — so he can satisfy his sexual urges.

Singapore Dad Cheats His Loved Ones: “I always thought my husband was a kind and filial man until he showed his true colours after marriage”

The man’s name is Xu Chuanhui and the story is told by his betrayed wife, Mrs Xu. 

It all started innocently enough. They reportedly met at a recruitment firm back in 2015 and got married last year. In October 2017, they became parents to a baby boy. 

Eventually, Xu decided to quit work and start his own businesses — he ran four of them. His wife fully supported his decision, say reports. 

It was around this time that Xu started to change. Mrs Xu explains, “Ever since he started running his business, he was seldom at home. Almost every night, he would be at a nightspot. Each time I asked him, he would say that he was entertaining clients. I had told him that I would support his decision to run his own businesses, so I had no choice but to tolerate his behaviour.”

One day, Mrs Xu (pregnant at the time), found two scrunched up movie tickets in her husband’s pocket. Her sixth sense told her something was not right, and she had a tracking device installed in his mobile phone. 

It was then that his dirty secret was revealed. Once, he even brought an employee of a nightclub to Universal Studios, after which, they checked in to a Geylang hotel. 

singapore dad cheats

It turns out he spent all that money on girls in Geylang.

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

Mrs Xu decided to tolerate her husband’s antics for the sake of their son. But one day, she finally had enough of it all. 

Xu asked his wife to transfer their baby bonus of $2,500 to him. He told her the money was needed for his business. So she did the transaction. 

Mrs Xu said, “After he got the money, he immediately told me that he would not be coming home that night. When I tracked his whereabouts, I discovered that he had checked into two different hotels in Geylang on the same night.

“I gave up on him in that instant. Other than asking him to return the money he took from our son, I will never speak to him again.”

The man had even taken the money set aside to buy milk powder for his son. What is even worse is that it is understood that Xu even “borrowed” money from his own, elderly mother. Reportedly, he threatened to kill himself, after which she gave him her life savings of $150,000.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the man fled the country. 

Just shocking!

Let’s hope that “Singapore dad cheats” does not become an international headline, and that he will soon be brought to justice. 


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