10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Delicious and nourishing confinement food for a smooth recovery, mums!

Your new-born becomes a full-time responsibility from day one, leaving little time for yourself and other chores. Confinement caterers ensure that your nutrition needs are taken care of during these demanding times.

Choosing the right kind of food is extremely important for recovering from delivery and rejuvenating yourself. With a well chalked out diet and meal plan, you will be on the right path towards recovery during your confinement.

Having freshly prepared, hot and nourishing food delivered at your doorstep has never been so easy. Whether you are looking for healthy vegan options, twice-a-day meals or a complete 28-days package, these Singapore confinement food delivery caterers offer amazing services and they are the best:

The Best Singapore Confinement Food Delivery Caterers

Tian Wei Signature

Singapore Confinement Food Delivery

Photo: Adapted from Tian Wei Signature.

Adding colour and fusion to boring confinement diets, they offer 90+ varieties of vegetable and meat dishes. Their well-balanced meals include traditional and fusion cuisines like Braised Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar, Tri-Coloured Grains and Cauliflower Cream with Seared Salmon, herbal soups and more. Each meal focuses on a multitude of health benefits and comes in a generous quantity, while accepting special dietary requests.

  • Package Price: Lunch and Dinner – $478 for 7 days and $1,688 for 28 days, $35 for trial (lunch or dinner) and others, as on their website.
  • Contact: +(65) 6727 5599


10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Regular Confinement Twin Meal Package (Lunch & Dinner) | Photo: NouRiche website

NouRiche has been providing nourishing confinement food for new mothers for over 10 years. By choosing the right blend of herbs and healthy ingredients, it aims at providing food that purifies, rejuvenates and nourishes your body. From healthy Lotus Seeds Soup and Sheng Hua Tonic with Pork Ribs to delectable vegan dishes and refreshing homemade teas, NouRiche offers a variety of menu options to choose from. It also accommodates special requests from customers to customise your meal.

  • Package Price: Regular Lunch and Dinner – $1,688 for 28 days, $478 for 7 days and others, as on their website.
  • Contact:  +(65) 6261 4600, [email protected]

Mama J’s Confinement Food Singapore

Singapore Confinement Food Delivery

Image source: Mama J’s

Mama J is a retired nanny and babysitter with more than 20 years of experience. To ensure the maximum care and attention to cater to each mummy’s needs, Mama J only receives a maximum of 4 mummies at a single time, with no mass cooking. 

Going beyond just delivery of delicious food, Mama J’s pride themselves in providing a one stop solution for mummies’ 30 days postpartum recovery, and even till baby’s full month party. Additional services are inclusive in their standard packages: including free 1-on-1 consultation for new mummies who need further advice, to complementary homemade teas, baby shower cake, traditional herbal hair wash and many more. 

Package Price: $1788 for 30 days 

Package includes Red eggs and Ang Ku Kueh for baby’s full month as well as bathing herbs. All drinks will also be served in a thermal bottle and tiffin carrier.

Trial meal available

More packages are available. The price for the packages can be requested once filling up the form on their Instagram page.

Confinement Meals by YÀN

10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Confinement daily meal plan (lunch and dinner) Photo: Zhihan Lou (Gastro-Sense) via YÀN

Made for mothers in mind, the special meals by YÀN, located within the National Gallery Singapore, focuses on improving digestion, supporting healthy lactation and restoring the body’s core energy.

Mothers can look forward to indulging in nourishing Cantonese confinement dishes such as Braised Chicken with Red Rice Wine, Double-boiled Papaya and Fish Soup, Poached Grouper Fillet with Egg, Ginger and Chinese Wine, Double-boiled American Ginseng & Tian Qi Soup with Pork, including desserts! In the first week, she will also get to enjoy a complimentary house-brewed red date. 

Good things are also meant to be shared—YÀN also offers add-ons to family members who would like to purchase their delectable bentos

  • Package Price: Lunch and Dinner – $478 for 7 days and $1,688 for 28 days, $35 for trial (lunch or dinner) and others, as on their website
  • Contact: +65 6384 5585 or WhatsApp +65 9769 4283

Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery

10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Photo: Thomsonbaby website


Each of their meals is designed by certified nutritionists, lactation experts and professionals, by combining fresh herbs and ingredients. Their food contains low fat, low salt and zero MSG. An added advantage is that you can register for their free food tasting session and see if it delights your tummy. Its 28-day package is divided into 10 days and 18 subsequent days, wherein the first cycle includes mild food to support digestion and the second cycle includes savoury dishes, soups and milk production boosters. With every meal you get your choice of rice, vegetables, red dates, fish/meat dish and longan tea.

*Thomson Baby also has a non-pork menu for Muslim customers. However, do note that it is NOT halal certified.

Happy Mummy

Singapore Confinement Food Delivery

Photo: Adapted from Happy Mummy website

If you crave for that maternal care during confinement, then Happy Mummy is for you. It serves food cooked by chefs and designed by mothers and grandmothers who know the confinement diet needs from experience. Their standard package includes two weekly menus with repeating dishes, while the Premium and Classic Packages come with new menus every week. Enjoy your choice of rice, Bak Kut Teh, steamed fish with ginger, white fungus chicken soups and so on, made using healthy ingredients like lotus seed, Chinese herbs, ginger and special detox/nourishing herbs. They also offer delicacies for baby’s full month.

  • Package Price: Lunch and Dinner – $1,598 for Standard Package, $1,888 for Classic Package, $2,198 for Premium Package and others, as on their website.
  • Contact: (65) 8429 8871, [email protected]

Noor Confinement Singapore

10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Image source: Noor Confinement Singapore

Another great healthy confinement food option you can consider, which uses halal products and only the freshest ingredients is Noor Confinement Singapore. They provide islandwide delivery. Mums love their nutritious food such as the sayur bayam, grilled fish with spices to even lactation cookies. Rest assured as they only use high fiber, low sodium food that can help aid blood flow to boost the digestive system, as well as foods to help hydrate skin and slow ageing. 

Package Price:

  • Package A Lunch AND dinner (from $42o) – depending on the time period you choose, view more here
  • Package B Economic Lunch OR dinner (from $270) – depending on the time period you choose, view more here.

Contact: (65) 9823 6427

*Note: Should you be keen in any of their packages but it is sold out, you can Whatsapp the admin’s number at 9823 6427. Also contact them for a 10% off Code!

Chilli Padi Catering

Singapore Confinement Food Delivery

Photo: Chilli Padi Catering website

Healthy Sakura Chicken, relatively bland food, low MSG and delicious red date tea are the things that most mothers love about Chilli Padi. Ingredients like spinach, papaya, salmon and Chinese herbs like red dates, dried longans, wolfberries and black dates help restore your core energy, boost digestion and aid healthy lactation. Homemade bean curd, stir-fried asparagus, steamed salmon, Korean ginseng chicken soup and grilled salmon fillet with mirin sauce are some of their scrumptious dishes. Also, enjoy a free pack of lactation cookies with the 14-days dual meal package and above!

Package Price: $1,688 for 28 days (lunch and dinner), $468 for 7 days (lunch and dinner), $30 for trial and others, as on their website.

Contact: +(65) 6914 9900, [email protected]


10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Photo: NannySOS website

NannySOS specialises in traditional, home-cooked Singapore confinement food delivery, providing nourishment during and post-pregnancy. Their healthy non-halal dishes are designed to repair your body, increase milk supply, aid natural birth and also provide strength after caesarean or miscarriage. Your meal will consist of a balanced diet (no salt and MSG) with 1 portion of carbohydrate, 1 portion of protein, 2 portions of vegetables, 1 portion of non-meat protein and one free longan red tea.

Package Price: $1,680 for 28 days (lunch and dinner), $430 for 7 days (lunch and dinner), $35 for a trial meal (lunch or dinner) and others, as on their website.

Contact: +(65) 6817 2479, [email protected] 

Sizzling Dyyana

10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

Photo: Facebook/Minah’s Foodworks

This one is popular for its halal-style, tasty home-cooked food with a range of western and Asian cuisines. Dyyana Awang buys fresh produce from the market every morning, lists out the menu accordingly, cooks with organic ingredients and delivers lunch and dinner together, in microwave-friendly containers. Your meal will include vegetables, one fish/meat dish, white/red/brown/black rice mixture, a healthy drink, and a delicious, wholesome sweet treat for lactating mothers.

Package Price: Lunch and Dinner – $1,300 for 30 days, $450 for 10 days, $45 for trial

The meals come in microwaveable containers and are delivered from Mondays to Saturdays, except public holidays.

Contact: +(65) 8222 3105 (Whatsapp)

Postnatal period can be quite challenging for new mothers because of the many responsibilities it brings along with it. Handling hormonal changes, lack of sleep, household chores and full-time baby care simultaneously are an inevitable part of the postpartum phase. Mothers are advised ample rest and nourishment during this time (for at least 30 days) to help the body recover completely. Confinement practices and diet help you stay healthy, by replenishing the body with all the essential nutrients, cutting down daily tasks and limiting exposure to the outside world. It also helps create the right environment for your new-born and strengthen the bond between you two. There are ample Singapore confinement food delivery options that you can consider for your confinement period.  

Different kinds of confinement practices prevail to this day. Watch out for confinement myths and beliefs, and consider the practices that are best for you. With the above listed Singapore confinement food delivery options, you will be sorted for your precious confinement period. They leave no stone unturned in bringing optimum nutrition to your doorstep. So, go ahead, begin your postpartum journey with Singapore’s best confinement nutrition providers and feel pampered.

The information published in this article is correct at the time of publishing. 

Lead image via NouRiche website and Thomson Baby website.


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10 Best Confinement Food Delivery Caterers in Singapore

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