4 Singapore Celebrities Who Found Love Again After Divorce

4 Singapore Celebrities Who Found Love Again After Divorce

These Singapore celebrities seem to have found their happily ever after yet again...!

Is it ever too late to find love…again? Divorce does not have to be the end of love in your life, what if it leads to a beautiful new beginning instead? A beginning full of hopes and dreams, and lessons learnt from the past? These Singapore celebrities seem to have foundlove again after divorce, and we can’t be happier for them!

Finding love again after divorce

Daniel Ong

Ex-radio DJ and businessman Daniel Ong recently confessed about how his divorce with former Miss Singapore Universe and actress, Jaime Teo nearly wrecked his life, “Almost 2 years ago, I got my heart broken into many tiny pieces. I thought it was the end of the world.”

“For the longest time, my days were bleak, dark and filled with drowning my sorrows in alcohol. I’m not proud of those times. “

“My negativity was affecting everything in my life. I had to snap out of it, for myself, for (daughter) Renee, for family and friends.”

A positive mindset and a simple 5-minute rule helped Daniel get a grip back on his life, “Not only did I heal, I reflected, spent time thinking and learning about myself and my inner demons. What emerged was a stronger and better version of myself.”

Today, we are truly happy that apart from finding professional success, he has also discoveredlove again after divorce!

Daniel has successfully proposed to his artist girlfriend, Fay Tan, on 22 August 2019.

love again after divorce

“She said YES! I cried. She cried…”

“Was so damn nervous, trying to hide this moment for the last 2 months… told her how happy she makes me, and how I wanted her to be happy,” he announced on Instagram.

Daniel is father to 9-year-old Renee, from his marriage with Jaime Teo. Fay also has a 4-year-old daughter from her previous relationship.

Here’s wishing this couple the best, in life and in love!

Jamie Yeo

When it came to marriage and love, Singapore TV host, actress, radio deejay and model, Jamie Yeo, got third time lucky. 

She was first married to SPH Radio’s One FM 91.3 DJ Glenn Ong in 2004, before they split in 2009. She later got married to communications agency boss Thorston Nolte, who is the father of her daughter, Alysia. The couple decided to part ways after around 4 years.

It is never easy to go through a divorce and a failed relationship, especially as a mum, and Jamie was then quoted as saying, “I was under so much pressure and I was crying so much that I had problems sleeping. I did everything I could to save [our marriage], but I’m sad to say that getting a divorce was our best option.”

love again after divorce

Gorgeous couple found love again after divorce | PHOTO: INSTGRAM / JAMIE YEO

“I wish I could have been a good example to all the girls and women out there, but I just couldn’t. I have to think for my daughter and I have to be happy.”

Cupid re-entered her life last year, in the form of Rupert, a consultant at a corporate risk management company, who Jamie met through dating app Tinder. Today, not only is she happily married to him, the couple are also parents of an adorable baby!

Here’s wishing this family a blessed life ahead!

Shaun Chen

Actor Shaun Chen and wife Celine Chin recently welcomed their baby No. 2, but did you know that Shaun was previously married to actress Michelle Chia?

Shaun and Michelle got married in 2009 after 6 years of courtship. The wedding was even televised live on Channel 8! In 2011, sadly, their marriage ended in divorce. Apparently, personality and lifestyle differences were the reasons for the failed marriage.

They remain good friends though, and Shaun once told The Straits Times, “If you ask me now, I don’t really know why we broke up.”

love again after divorce

Finding love again after divorce? Here’s inspiration | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / CELINE CHIN, SHAUN CHEN

“I’m very fortunate that I don’t have an enemy in my life. I hope everyone is a friend or a good colleague, and not one more enemy, that’s not what I want.”

Shaun later married Malaysian beautician, Celine Chin, in 2015, and is now proud daddy of 2 girls! He was lucky to findlove again after divorce.

Here’s wishing this beautiful family more love and happiness!

Allan Wu

Actors Wong Li-lin and Allan Wu seemed to be a couple that had it all – celebrity status, love and 2 beautiful kids! And thus it came as a shock that their relationship bit the dust after 9 years of marriage.

Li-Lin was once quoted as saying, “This is between Allan and me…in any relationship, people want things to work. He and I certainly did, but certain things didn’t work out so we just have to be mature about it. We both have our rights and wrongs and we both tried.”

love again after divorce

Allan Wu: Love again after divorce | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / LEEYVONNEOFFICIAL, ALLAN WU

Wu, has two children, son Jonas, 11, and daughter Sage, 13 with Wong Li-Lin, and they continue to be cordial with each other. Li-Lin calls him a doting dad, “Allan is a very loving dad, he loves his children very much. While estranged, he and I will always be connected because of the children.”

Today, Wu is dating Miss Malaysia World 2012 and model-emcee Yvonne Lee, 29, who came in second in The Amazing Race Asia 5.

He tells The New Paper, “Time heals everything. It is just a matter of time when you are ready to open up your heart to someone else, and I think we are.”

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(Source: The New Paper, The Straits Times)

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