8 Singapore babies you should follow on Instagram for your daily dose of cute!

8 Singapore babies you should follow on Instagram for your daily dose of cute!

Check out our list of Singapore babies you SHOULD follow on Instagram!

Who can resist the power of cute babies? Nothing like seeing those chubby and utterly squishable cheeks, and winsome smiles, after a long hard day at work.

In fact, these Singapore Insta-babies are so cute and popular, they could even give their adult 'influencer' counterparts a run for their money! Check out our list of Singapore babies you SHOULD follow on Instagram:

1.Leia & Lauren (Momo twins)

Leia and Lauren have taken the Internet, and Instagram by storm. 321,000 followers! Beat that! Their parents, Amber and Peter, are photographers who have been dressing up their dolls in matching costumes, and documenting their growth on Instagram since they were a month old.

Why are the 'Momo twins' so popular?  Could it be the chubby cheeks and ultra cute expressions?

2. Rayden Lim

Isn't 3 -year-old Rayden Lim a born charmer? His 76,300 Insta-followers certainly seem to think so! Looks like kiddie brands are going to queue up for this one!

3. Meredith Tan 

Daughter of popular blogger mum, Qiu Ting, Meredith Tan has her own fan following - ONLY 76,000 followers! There's an undeniable innocence in her face and expressions, and that doe-eyed look sure melts hearts!

4. Aden & Avery

Celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang's adorable munchkins Aden and Avery have an Instagram account to themselves, with around 35,900 followers. Don't they look super adorable snuggling together?

5. Royce

There's something real and minimalist about the photos on baby Royce's account. "Growth diary of Royce in a fun & natural way", says the bio. This little guy already has some 29,300 followers and is sure to melt hearts when he grows up!

6.Scarlett Ansley Chua

We just can't get over how cute this little girl is! In fact we had a hard time choosing a picture! This bundle of delight seems to be born for the camera, and her 15,800 followers are not complaining!

7. Sophie Lee


A post shared by Sophie Leeze (@sophie.leeze) on

One look at this happy girl's face and even the bluest of days turn bright! 2-year-old Sophie may have a relatively modest 4,836 followers, but is big on heart!

8. Zyah Yap


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Just look at those eyes! Again, with 4,350 followers, Zyah Yap may not have attained super stardom yet, but with those dapper looks, it sure looks like this one's going to be a heart-breaker!

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