5 local celebrity mums to follow on Instagram

5 local celebrity mums to follow on Instagram

Check out how many of these celebrity mums you are already following on Instagram, and how many you are missing out on.

Hands up, those whose guilty pleasure is spending a little too much time on Instagram. You jump from one profile to another, laughing at funny videos, looking at the #OOTD tag and before you know it, you are 70 weeks deep into the profile of someone who you envy yet find admirable. Mums, this one is specially for you. If you're not following these local celebrity mums instagram, you might just be missing out.

Jamie Yeo

There is no stopping this 38-year-old TV host, actress, model and radio DJ. On days where you feel unmotivated and fatigued between balancing work and family, just give her feed a scroll and be inspired to get going again.




Joanne Peh

When you follow her on Instagram, you are also following her along as she takes on the journey of being a new mum. Fellow new mums will find Joanne's profile a joy to look through.



Wong Li Lin

What is her secret to managing work, two children and still keep fit at 43? Follow her on Instagram and you might just find out.




Fann Wong

When talking about celebrity mums, one can never miss out big time actress Fann Wong who has made it to Hollywood. There are certainly some fashion inspirations on this beauty's account.




Zoe Tay

Not everyone has the luxury of a glam life, especially after having kids. Live vicariously through Zoe's posts as she documents her busy days as a career woman, a mother of three and a wife.




So, which is your favourite celebrity mum Instagram account to follow? Did we miss out any? Share with us in the comments below!

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