9 Simple Ways on How You Can Make Your Child Feel Loved

9 Simple Ways on How You Can Make Your Child Feel Loved

Your child’s experiences in their younger years will mold and shape their thoughts and values that will last them for the rest for their life.

We know you love your child unconditionally, but do they feel it? And if not, how can you make your child feel loved?

In this day and age, bringing up a child is a totally different ball game, compared to many years back. There are just so many factors to take into consideration when dealing with a child.

For parents who are working, time or the lack of it is always a problem.

For children who have one parent at home, it is a great struggle for the parent to attend to the spouse, household and child all at the same time.

Despite all these struggles, one main thought should always remain constant and that would be that the child should never be neglected in all aspects, from their basic needs to their emotional needs.

After all, your child’s experiences in their younger years will mould and shape their thoughts and values that will last them for the rest of their life. Here are 9 ways on how to make your child feel loved:

1. Minimise usage of your mobile devices

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Although checking your phone or email at home cannot be totally avoided, try to minimize it. When you are at home, have the mindset that you will give full attention to your child. That way your child will not feel neglected.

2. Use mealtimes to bond as a family

Implement a No-Television and No-Gadgets rule during mealtimes. Use mealtimes, especially dinner time, to talk about your day. This will be the only time when everyone can be home together. So make the most of it. Should you want to watch television together, do it after mealtimes.

3. Create a bedtime ritual


9 Simple Ways on How You Can Make Your Child Feel Loved

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It does not have to be an elaborate ritual. It could be something as simple as brushing your teeth together, reading a book or just lying down talking about your day. If both parents are working, then take turns with your partner. This gives the child a feeling of security and assures him or her that he is very much loved, despite his parents being busy.

4. Shower your child with physical affection

Many studies have shown that children thrive on affection. So kiss and hug your child on a regular basis. Not only would it make your child feel secure, but regular hugs and kisses increase the levels of oxytocin in the body. Presence of oxytocin helps boost the immune system and ward off infections, among other benefits.

5. Quality over quantity

9 Simple Ways on How You Can Make Your Child Feel Loved

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Always remember that quality is better than quantity. Just because you spend a lot of time with your child does not mean that this is time spent well. If you are just playing games while your child is in the room, this does not count as time spent together. Spend time doing things that will allow you to get to know your child or do something that you both can enjoy (eg. Go to the park together and fly a kite together).

6. Discipline your child

Take the Biblical verse, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” to heart, especially when it comes to disciplining your child. It is easier to just give in to everything your child wants. But no matter how difficult it is to scold your child for any wrongdoing, you need to do this to teach your child boundaries.

7. Always look them in the eyes

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When talking to your child, maintain eye contact. This will not only give them a sense of importance, but this will also teach them the rudiments of proper communication and encourage good social skills.

8. Smile at them

This applies to everyone and not only to children. A smile brightens up a room and makes the recipient of the smile feel special.

9. Aspire to be an optimum role model

9 Simple Ways on How You Can Make Your Child Feel Loved

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One of the hardest but most important things to remember, parents, are, in essence, the people their children look up to. So always remember that in everything and anything you do, you need to think many times before acting in a way as you have an impressionable human being watching your every move.

What about you? Feel free to share your personal methods on ensuring that your child feels safe and secure.

Republished with permission from theAsianparent Philippines as authored by Tahnee Gonzales. 

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