10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

Does any of these red flags show up in your marriage?

Finding yourself questioning your marriage lately? No marriage is a walk in the park, but there are definitely some signs that make it clear where the future of a marriage is headed. Are you suspecting that your marriage is headed in the wrong direction, but are having a tough time analysing why it is doomed? Watch out for these 10 signs your marriage is failing that could indicate your relationship is heading for the chopping board.

10 Signs Your Marriage is Failing

1. Indifference

signs your marriage is failing

Is your spouse not very opinionated lately? Always being indifferent to situations is definitely a red flag, especially if your spouse isn’t usually like that.

2. Lack of affection

One of the marriage red flags is the absence of affectionate gestures and intimacy. If the hand holding, pecks on the cheeks, hugs and even sex is non-existent, you must prepare yourself for the worst.

3. Constant criticism

10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

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Being overly critical every single day is one of the bitter marriage red flags that could indicate a doomed relationship. Constant criticisms, especially if harsh and personal, can ruin all communication channels in a marriage. It also breaks an individual slowly as no one wants to be nitpicked at endlessly.

4. Constant stonewalling

When a spouse refuses to listen and take action for relationship improvement, take this as a red flag for a doomed marriage. Because of the stone wall that your spouse has put up around them, you can’t expect them to assist in resolving conflicts.

5. Nothing in common

signs your marriage is failing

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Marriage is meant forever and couples are expected to grow together. If you and your spouse have been slowly drifting apart and have nothing in common anymore, be prepared for a doomed marriage. Without common ground, you won’t have anything to talk about, and boredom (or something worse) could set it.

6. Lack of intimate conversations

Finding out about your spouse’s problems or achievements from a friend instead of directly from the horse’s mouth? This is considered a red flag that your marriage is going downhill. When it comes to sharing personal information and events, you should always be the first to know.

7. Online flirtation/cheating

10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

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Is your spouse constantly logged in social networking sites? Find out if they are talking to old flames, flirting with others, or meeting up with someone they might have met online. If they are, take it as one of the marriage red flags as this could turn into a full-blown infidelity issue.

8. Frequent lies

Is your spouse always lying about money, their time and other things? Your spouse might be doing something that’s not good for your marriage.

9. Not marriage-focused

Is your spouse more focused on climbing up the employment ladder than spending time with you and your kids? This is considered a major red flag, since being solely focused on other things other than your relationship and family can lead to an empty marriage.

10. Abuse

10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

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The beginning of emotional and physical abuse can always be counted as a marriage red flag, no matter what. Pull yourself out of a harmful situation and relationship. If it has already happened, you need to get out of the marriage as fast as you can.


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10 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Doomed

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