6 Signs You Wear the Pants in the Relationship

6 Signs You Wear the Pants in the Relationship

Women are not always the submissive ones between a couple, and not all men are alpha males. Look out for these signs that show you might be the one in charge in the relationship.

He is quick to apologise

Your husband is always the first one to apologise. Doesn't matter if he didn't actually do anything wrong — if you're unhappy about something, he is sorry.

You call the shots

What to eat? Where to go? Which movie to watch? You are the one deciding all these. He doesn't necessarily have to ask for your opinion — sometimes you just give an input and whatever you say automatically goes.

He asks for permission

When his buddies ask him to hang out with them for the night, his first reaction is to ask you. And not just out of courtesy—he actually will stay at home if you do not allow him to leave. He may have had his eyes on a new DSLR camera for the longest time, but he will not buy it until you let him.

You control the finances

Speaking of making purchases—your money is your money, and his money is your money. Even if you are not working, you are still the one to plan all the budgeting, sort through all the bills, and shop for the household.

He tries hard to please you

Be it watching a chick flick with you, or going shopping with you, he does it all anytime you want him to even though he might not enjoy it.

You can get away with more

Aka double standards. He has to be home before early when hanging out with his friends, but you can stay out all night with your girls. You nag at him for forgetting to do make the bed, but many chores simply "slip your mind". Remember how he's always quick to apologise? Let's just say you are less generous with your apologies.


*Please note that this article is part tongue-in-cheek, part serious, it in no way attempts to undermine the experience of couples.

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Jasmine Yeo

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