8 Signs Your Wife is Still Madly in Love With You

8 Signs Your Wife is Still Madly in Love With You

We've compiled a list of 8 simple signs to see if your wife is still madly in love with you. Is your wife as crazy about you as you think?

Last month, we analysed signs that help women tell if their husbands are still head-over-heels in love with them.
Now, husbands everywhere can get the same assurance because today we’ll be focusing on signs that show if wives are still enamoured with their husbands.

Here are 8 ways to tell that your wife is still crazy about you.

She’s as happy as ever

This is a pretty obvious sign, guys. If your wife irradiates happiness and positivity, your marriage is probably in a great place. If she’s still crazy about you, she’ll be that same cheerful person you fell in love with.

She displays her affection regularly

8 Signs Your Wife is Still Madly in Love With You

Sure there are obvious signs of affection like a hug or a kiss, but those are sometimes routine in nature. If your wife is head-over-heels in love with you, you’ll notice subtler signs of affection.

A sneak attack hug, a back rub, cuddling at night—these are all good signs, husbands!

She’s supportive of just about everything you do

Generally, a good spouse is one who is supportive. If your wife strongly supports your career, your passions, or your hobbies then you have a loving wife. If she’s still nuts about you, she’ll be just as happy as you are when you succeed.

She’s as trusting as she is loving

Trust is a major factor in all relationships, especially marriage. You won’t ever find your wife looking through your things, or perusing through your phone if she still loves you like crazy. A loving wife trusts her husband beyond a shadow of a doubt.
She talks you up to her friends, coworkers, and parents

Remember when you bought that new watch and you just couldn’t stop bragging about it? If your wife brags as much as you did about that watch, then she’s still infatuated with you.

By bringing you up or talking about you to her friends, family, or coworkers, she’s letting you know just how much she still loves and respects you.

You can always depend on her

8 Signs Your Wife is Still Madly in Love With You

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Reliability is something all spouses need. A devoted wife will be at her husband’s side in times of need. If you can depend on your wife, you’re in a good place.

She loves spending time with you

Loving wives never object to spending personal time with their husbands. It’s even better if you adore each other’s company and have fun together doing just about anything.

If your wife is just as excited to do something with you as she is with her friends, you’ve got nothing to worry about, husbands. She’s crazy about you.

You maintain an active sex life

types of sex

Bow-chicka-wow-wow! It’s a great sign if your wife is as excited as you about the beast with two backs.
A healthy marriage has to have strong signs of intimacy and passion. If you and your wife are active in the bedroom, she definitely loves you.

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