20 signs and behaviours that show that you are a mum!

20 signs and behaviours that show that you are a mum!

In a recent study, real mums identify the telltale signs that indicate someone is a mother. You'll have to agree that most, or all of them, are unmistakable!

The DailyMail recently reported on a study done in Britain revealing 20 telltale signs that show that someone is a mum.

While the study was based on a survey of 2,000 British mothers over 6,800 miles away, all of us mums here in Singapore can probably clearly identify with the identified behavioural patterns too!


“Permanently having bags under your eyes”

The study raises some interesting observations about telltale “I am a mummy” markers.

Four in 10 mums fear the bags under their eyes are clear indicators — even warnings — to others about their “mum status”. One out of 3 feel like they permanently look like they have been “dragged through a hedge backwards”.

And mums sure have super-human powers: the average mum was found to have completed up to 59 jobs a day!

The kryptonite for 27% is the question” What’s for dinner”. On the topic of meals, interestingly enough, while 1 out of 5 mums enjoy planning family meal times, 4 out of 10 mums have difficulty deciding what to cook.


Is it Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Low-carb?

Seven out of 10 mums in Britain tend to serve up ready-made meals for the convenience of a quick hot dinner for the family. In Singapore, we are probably a bit luckier — at least those of us with great cooks for helpers!

Here is the full list of signs that you are a mum:

  1. Rushing around
  2. Constantly looking tired
  3. Always thinking about food and what to cook
  4. Go out shopping and only return with stuff for the children
  5. Always leave the house with three bags
  6. Permanently have bags under your eyes
  7. Cry at everything related to children
  8. Always go to bed by 9pm
  9. Look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards
  10. No longer celebrate your own achievements on Facebook – just those of your child
  11. Prefer big knickers (the undergarment which is not a bra)
  12. Panic about having late nights
  13. Your work colleagues seem so young
  14. Ignore fashion
  15. Get drunk on just one glass of wine
  16. Suddenly want to buy a people carrier
  17. Can get up early with a hangover
  18. Look forward to weekly food shop
  19. Love discussing toilet habits
  20. Rely on daytime TV for tips on motherhood

Which one do you most agree with the most! What do you think are signs that show that you are a Singaporean mum? Tell us below!

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Written by

Jasmine Yeo

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