9 Signs that you can still save your marriage

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Can you still save your marriage? See what these experts in the field have to say

Sometimes marriages don’t seem to last. There are about a million reasons why a marriage can fall apart, but there are also a million reasons why you should work to mend it.

For those who feel like their marriage just isn’t working, there’s still hope and we’ve got signs that can help to prove it.

Recently, Huffington Post shared an amazing article that could very well help save your marriage. In the article, a multitude of experts on marriage and divorce weighed in and gave some prudent advice that can determine if you can still save your marriage. We couldn’t help but share their groundbreaking and insightful article. Albeit, with a few helpful alterations and creative liberties here or there.

Check out the 9 signs that prove you can still save your marriage:

1. Mutual respect still exists

Elisabeth Joy LaMotte, psychotherapist and the founder of the DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Center,  says that “A sign that your relationship is worth saving is if you still respect your spouse and feel respected in the marriage.”

In other words, if there is still evidence of mutual respect, then all hope is not lost.


2. Troubles aren’t directly linked to marriage

“When things become challenging or frustrating or unsatisfying in a marriage, it is common to develop the fantasy that there must be something out there that’s better. And the truth is, there probably is something out there that’s easier or more exciting or more fun — in the beginning. But, typically, the challenges you are facing in your marriage are ones that will eventually surface with someone else as well, so it is worth connecting with a professional to see if you can revive the relationship,” says LaMotte.


3. Relationship struggles can be related to parenting struggles

Alison Patton, attorney and licensed mediator, is an expert in divorce cases. She states, “If you have children together and have drifted apart, this is not in and of itself a reason to get divorced. Children kill romance. It’s a fact. You’re tired, stressed and distracted once you become a parent. Most couples go through hard times after having kids. The ones who stay together realize this normal stage of marriage isn’t a deal breaker, it’s a challenge to be addressed. As long as there’s still some respect and love, a marriage can survive. Realize you’ll still have to be connected to your spouse after divorce because of your kids, so there’s every incentive to make the marriage work.”

In essence, having kids can put an overwhelming strain on your marriage, but it’s important to remember that the struggles of being a parent aren’t the same as having a problem with you marriage. You may just be experiencing additional stress, which makes you more irritable or intolerant with your marriage.

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