Should I breastfeed?

Should I breastfeed?

Having second thoughts about breastfeeding? Read numerous fascinating opinions from mummies who have experienced the wonders of breastfeeding.

Should I breastfeed?Mum Needs Help: I am in my last month of pregnancy – SO EXCITED TO GET MY BABY! I am having a problem though, my breasts are already very sore and painful. I am considering not breastfeeeding my baby. Does this make me a bad mother? Of course I want what is best for my child but I don't know if i can go through it. Please advice me mummies? Will i get used to it?

Replies from theAsianparent mums:

Deelohyh: My advice is that you should try to breastfeed your baby. At least you should try. Initially I have difficulty feeding my baby directly as I had c-section and I was really very tired having to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed my baby. I thank God that I did not give up. I thought I will give up in less than 2 months. Now my baby is almost 6 months old and I am still breastfeeding her. Press on. You will be glad that u did it.

Sharifah Suhaiza: Breast feeding is the best! My daughter age 1 yr 7 stl breast feed n she was so healthy

Diana Khoo: Do it for your Baby. Breast is best!

Fina Chen: Ouch, I feel for you! Same thing happened to me 3 months ago, after i delivered my baby girl, i try to breastfed her as much as i can then end up had a painful sore breast till i cry and freak out whenever it's time come for feeding my baby. I went to check with my doctor about my sore swollen breast, doc examine says i've blocked ducts and there ... is no other way except let my baby keep sucking till the ducts clear up, have to bear the pain, feel so stressed and frustated, tried the malay massages as well but even more tempted to give up breast feeding but i feel bad and it will be wasted since lots of breast milk supply so i continue breastfeed her and endure the pain....slowly the blocked ducts clear up and my breast back to normal again. Tips get a medela purelan cream and apply on your sore nipples often, also pump out your milk after every session of feeding, it might help!

Donovan Loh: My wife had the same issue for our 1st born...we were inexperienced and over eager to breasts feed. Our kid sucked so hard n often, the nipples became sore. Then I chanced upon what they call Silicon Breasts guards, I feel it's a must have for every new breastsfeeding mother. Wonder why they did not tell us at Parenting class. It cured the soreness, my son is one happy baby...Perfect!

Jay Khoo: Apply nipple gel daily, few times a day from now on to prevent dryness. Make sure u latch correctly, seek help from LC rather than the nurses in hospital if u find u hv prob in latching. If ur position is right, will hv lesser prob like blocked ducts, cracked nipple etc. Nipple gel is important. I used it during my last trimester till confinement. If nipple is dry, will be pain during latch. The first week will be painful, cos nipple still sensitive, after tt, will be well. u'll enjoy it. It's almost like massage.

Jo-Ann Hernandez: Reason y its really swollen bec it has alot of milk inside. Try to suck out some by using breast pump, so it wont engorge too much.. apply cold face towel just to stop for a bit but continue to pump. Congrats on your baby!

Yantie Hidetoshi Nakata: I'm pregnant wif my 3rd child now...I still brestfeed my daugther who is now 1 year 2 months old...My nipples r swollen too,just dap it with warm towel after u breastfeed.

Pearline Foo: Personally, I breastfeed throughout my pregnancy and anyone who has gone through that will tell you that the breasts tend to be a little more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing at the same time. I also tandem nursed (breastfeeding the older and the younger born) for a long time Although I will encourage breastfeeding throughout it is really a personal choice. For some mothers it is bearable and some others it is not.

You may like to consider the age of your older child and your situation. My 1st born was only about 1 year old when I conceived and it is hard for me to just make her stop as she needs the milk since she is allergic to any kind of milk in the early years. So despite the slight discomfort, I put up with it and persevered. Be prepared though that milk supply will dwindle in the 2nd trimester. Apart from age and need, I had to consider how much I was able to bear with the direct latch-on. As I had very sensitive breasts from trimester 2 on, I had to reduce the number of feeds, so we went from maybe 5 or 6 feeds a day to about 3 or sometimes even 2 or 1. Emotionally my firstborn also didn't feel left out in the whole process of my 2nd pregnancy, and I often told her stories about her future sibling. Great preparation, I believe as she was accepting of the new baby very soon after birth.Whatever it is, just consider your unique situation and make an informed decision. You are empowered with your choice. Please do not feel guilty even if you decide not to. This does not make you a bad mother. Remember that breastfeeding is a mutually desirable outcome and it should be always a happy relationship.

If you should like me decide to breastfeed throughout, I will be happy for you. If you can, do try to get some support (preferably someone who has done that before) as it will help.All the best, Mommy. I am rooting for you.

Fenny Loniah Bartlett: Mine was so pain and sore for the 1st week of BF. I almost turn to formula. I know how you feel seeing the baby crying for a milk and you don't feel like BF. I cleared the blocked dust by massaging, use Medela cream, pump out the milk and also use a nipple guard. Good luck.

Lyn Thoi: Breast milk is the best. Try place cold cabbage leaves onto the breasts to relieve the tenderness. Gently massage the breast to release some milk and of cos mk sure d bb latches on properly.

Corinne Schmidt-Chua: Why make the decision before she's born? Should at least give bf a try before you decide on fm.the best way is to not stock any fm at home and you have no choice but to bf and to stick to it. worst case scenerio, you can always get hubby to run to the shops to get fm if you really need it afterwards. the first 6 wks will be tough and tiring butif you hang on in there, it'll get much better and slowly become 2nd nature. if you need help, call the Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group for assistance. DO NOT pump before you deliver as that might stimulate contractions.If you have tried and really can't bear it, dun beat yourself up over it. Ultimately, what she needs is an emotionally and physcially healthy mommy to dote on her and care for her every need.

Hsu Yamuna: Heard that if you use cabbage leaves, your milk supply will be affected... hdun noe how true.

Pearline Foo: Yes, cold cabbage leaves can affect milk supply. If you want what's best for your baby, then be determined and tell yourself that you are going to do it. When baby is born let her suckle and if you feel any pain or discomfort, consult lactation consultant or doctor. I believe they will be able to find out the cause & advise you accordingly.As for the cabbage leaf, it actually help to alleviate the soreness but you should not place it for more than 30 min each time. It will definitely affect milk supply if you place it for too long, such as overnight. Alternatively, you may use cold tower to alleviate the pain.HAPPY BREASTFEEDING.

Corinne Schmidt-Chua: I've gone through countless blocked ducts, 2-3 times mastitis, abscess (required surgery), thrush (fair more painful than your current situation - it was the only thing that seriously made me consider weaning): all these within the 1st 6 months but I still managed to breast feed exclusively. My son is now almost 18 mths and still breastfeeding. Ultimately it boils down to your determination and 'mind over matter'

Siti Mulinah Jumari: My girls are now 1 and 4yrs old. And still breastfeeding both. It's a feeling no one can understand except the mother. It's a special bond. Breastfeeding is a natural thing. Just relax. The breasts are sensitive during pregnancy as it's getting ready for the baby to have the milk. Mother's milk the best. No formula in the world can duplicate it. Good Luck!! And, if breastfeeding is painful, do allow a lactation nurse to see if you are doing it correctly. It shouldn't feel more than a tingle =) Also, please eat well when you brestfeeding. Some mothers reduce food intake to lose weight and complained no milk... You need to eat cos we lose calories when breastfeeding. And yes!!!! It does make you lose weight gradually.

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