Buying a family car? 5 Vital features you shouldn’t forget to check for!

Buying a family car? 5 Vital features you shouldn’t forget to check for!

Looking for a family car? Here are some things you need to consider before you make your final decision plus the ‘family MPV’ you need to see. Presented by Performance Motors.

Buying a family car as a parent is a totally different ball game compared to buying a car for just you. It doesn’t stop at aesthetics and performance — you now have to pay attention to so much more: #1 on the list is safety features; then there’s storage space; and of course, how it fits into your family’s lifestyle.

Come up with a wishlist and don’t forget to include these items from our “must have” list. We share 5 vital features your next car should have, plus why the family MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) exactly what your family needs.

Buying a family car? 5 Vital features you shouldn’t forget to check for!

1. Safety first!

When comparing vehicles, check their safety ratings and how they have fared in crash tests.

Here are some things you should look for:

  • All the seatbelts. It’s important that the car has enough seats and seatbelts for everyone in your family. If you’re going to have a child sit in the middle back seat, make sure that the it has a lap and diagonal seatbelt, not just a lap belt.
  • Space for car seats. If your kids are still using car seats, make sure that your car has enough space to fit enough of them safely and comfortably.
  • Advanced safety warnings. You may have already developed a love-hate relationship with the basic seatbelt reminder, but you’ll find that high-tech features like collision warnings, camera-based safety systems, and additional sensors will be pure love.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer boasts a wide range of features designed with your family’s safety in mind. Its non-slip step in the back-door opening lets you and your kids enter the car safely and comfortably.

In case of an accident, sensors detect the type of accident, the potential injury risk, and which seats are occupied as it deploys airbags. Then, the standard-fitted Intelligent Emergency Call feature sends this data, along with your location and vehicle model, to the BMW Call Centre, whose agents will promptly contact emergency services.

2. Comfort is key

The intersection of family car and comfort is usually a roomy backseat for the kids. But what about you?

You’re probably going to be the one spending the most time in your family car, as you shuttle your kids to and from school, sports matches, music lessons and other enrichment classes, play dates, and so forth. As a parent, you’ll have plenty of things to worry about, and how your car handles should not be one of them.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer has a lightweight design, sophisticated suspension technology, and front-wheel drive concept, elevating your everyday drives into luxe city cruises. The Gran Tourer is also equipped with high-tech assistance systems that help make driving a breeze, like the Parking Assistant (which makes parallel parking so much easier with ultrasonic sensors).

3. Crave for space…

By now you know that having kids cooped up in cramped spaces is a recipe for disaster. Prevent backseat squabbles by making sure that your kids have enough personal space.

Plus, if you plan on growing your family, it’s a good idea to choose a vehicle that will allow you to do so.

Buying a family car? 5 Vital features you shouldn’t forget to check for!

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer comes complete with a third row of seats so that it can seat 7 passengers comfortably—perfect for extended family members, friends, and even the family dog! As you enjoy your drive, more of the family can bond in the back as you all make your way to a picnic, a movie, even to your favourite staycation spot!

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4. Storage, storage, storage

It’s truly puzzling how littlest human beings require so much stuff! When not in use, the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer’s third-row seats can be folded into the floor, creating storage space for groceries, strollers, sports equipment, and so forth.

Buying a family car? 5 Vital features you shouldn’t forget to check for!

You can store your glasses, phones, or keys in the compartment in front of the centre console, as well as in the storage compartment under the front centre armrest. Kids’ toys can be stored in compartments under the front seats and second-row seats. As for refreshments, there are two cup-holders behind the gearshift lever, and bottle holders in all the door panels. The backrests of the front seats also come with optional folding tables.

5. Keep everyone entertained

Long road trips with young kids are much more bearable if they’re entertained and happy. Look for cars that have entertainment options (like Bluetooth pairing) that make it easy for you to listen to switch through playlists.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is equipped with the BMW Connected Drive system, which makes it easy for the driver and passengers to control the entertainment in the car. Plus, built into the centre console is a 12-volt socket for electronic gadgets—perfect for teens (and dads) who are particularly attached to their devices.


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