Baby making sex positions

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First comes love and then comes marriage. Then comes baby in a carriage. Ha! If only it were that easy. Here are certain sex position that increases the probability of conceiving.

Sex position for conception and getting pregnant

Try these sex positions that help you conceive or get pregnant

In Asia, having a child does not merely signify a deeper meaning to marriage. Instead, for a woman, it reinstates her position among her in-laws. However, getting pregnant is not something that can be done with the wave of a wand or toss of a coin into a well.

Not everyone is into artificial insemination or such. Here are certain position that increases the probability of one member of those little swimmers reaching its target.

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Sexy times ahead!

Sexy times ahead!

Baby making sex positions: Tip #1 The Missionary

The oldest and most traditional position – the man is on top. This position works the best in getting the sperm right at the entrance of the cervix. Here’s a worthy tip: Place a pillow under her hips and the chances of her getting pregnant skyrockets. Ladies, when this happens, tilt your hips and leave the rest to gravity. After intercourse, try to hold still for half an hour so that the sperm slides its way to the cervix.