The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Men Have

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Men Have

Every man has sexual fantasies he's dying to let his wife in about. Ladies, these are the daydreams which get him hot under the collar.

Men think about sex a lot — every 7 seconds, according to the exaggerated urban legend. But what exactly are they fantasizing about which gets them tight in the pants?

Ladies, here are the wildest dreams that your husbands are having in the bedroom… plus some tips to make them come true. 

1) Having her in charge

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Men Have

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All confident men know that the sexiest woman is a confident one. It’s a huge ego boost to see your lady turned on by you and openly showing it.

For some husbands, this may mean some whips and handcuffs, dominatrix-style; for others, simply a partner who eyes them boldly up and down before telling you exactly how she wants you. Ladies, if your husband’s usually in charge in the bedroom, don’t hesitate to change it up by taking the lead. 

2) Sex with multiple women

No surprises here. Nearly every man has dreamed of being sandwiched between two ladies in a steamy threesome (or four, or five… you get the idea). A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that more than 80% of men fantasized about sex with two women. 

Ladies, you can help your husband get all the stimulation he needs by getting creative with sex toys like prostate massagers. 

3) Getting a blowjob

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Men Have

Lips trailing fire up your thighs, a warm mouth lingering on you down there, her gaze meeting yours as her head bobs — a simple fantasy, and by far the most common one. More than 90% of men have this high on their naughty list. 

Ladies, if you’d like to do this but are uncomfortable with going down on your knees, there are many other positions you can try. For example, you can lie back while he kneels over you. And if the taste bothers you, you might want to experiment with flavoured lube.

4) Watching their wives have sex

There’s something so sexy about watching your lover lost to the throes of pleasure.

Whether it’s seeing their lady masturbate, or watching her get her kink on with other women, many men have secret fantasies of being voyeurs. Don’t be afraid to put on a show, ladies!

5) Having sex with another woman 

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Men Have

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The forbidden tingle of a heated glance with that gorgeous woman in the red dress, the thrilling thought of so easily taking it further — this fantasy is all about the headiness of transgression. Well over 80% of men have fantasized about having sex with someone who wasn’t their partner. 

 To indulge this fantasy, both of you can roleplay sexy strangers meeting for the first time. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

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