The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Every woman has kinky fantasies she's never told anyone about. Ladies, we bet you've wished your husband could make some of these come true!

Contrary to popular belief, getting married doesn't consign you to vanilla sex forever.

Ladies, you know that those wild and/or romantic fantasies don't just go away, even as you settle into a routine. It's perfectly normal to have sexual fantasies as a married woman — we're all looking for a taboo dash of excitement in our lives.

A pity, then, that most of us never share our hottest daydreams with our husbands. He might not judge your kinky imaginings — in fact, he might even help you make them come true!

Here are five fantasies you've probably played out in your mind before:

1) Being taken forcefully

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

There's a reason why ladies might be shy talking about this particular fantasy — calling it a rape fantasy opens up a whole can of worms.

But for many women, there's nothing hotter than having our man take control. Pinning your arms above your head, being blindfolded, letting him have his wicked way while you writhe helplessly beneath him... Often, it's not about violence, but about submitting totally and sweetly to pleasure. 

2) Having a quickie with a stranger

It could be pulling that man sitting opposite you in the train, the one with the chiseled jaw, into a dark corner. It could be slipping out one night for a seedy rendezvous, exploring each others' bodies without ever knowing the other's name. 

This forbidden fantasy is about breaking all the rules — letting loose, no strings attached, with someone you'll never see again. Getting your husband to roleplay a handsome stranger can help you indulge this craving guilt-free. 

3) Sex with multiple men

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Which woman doesn't dream of having her body worshiped by two or three men? Imagine multiple sets of hungry hands roaming over your body, warm mouths on both your breasts at once. Some ladies might like it a little nastier — being grabbed roughly, double penetration, the works. 

To double your pleasure in the bedroom, strategic use of sex toys like vibrators can amp up the stimulation you get. 

4) Being with another woman 

"I kissed a girl and I liked it," sings Katy Perry. Many ladies wonder how the softness of another woman's curves would feel under their fingers. There's just something tantalising about a body different yet so similar to our own. 

Part of the allure is that another lady is likely to know how to make herself feel good. This means she knows exactly how to reach those sweet spots that'll have your toes curling. 

5) Being on show

The Top 5 Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Exhibitionism is a huge turn-on for many women — it's such a heady rush to feel a lustful gaze trail over your body. For some bold ladies, it's about the thrill of captivating your lover with a little show. For others, it's about having sex while imagining someone watching and getting turned on. 

Ladies, you can make your fantasy come true by performing a striptease or even masturbating for your husband. If it's your thing, you can also set up a camera to simulate the rush of being watched. Playing back the footage later will get you turned on all over again!

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