Can you have sex with an IUD in? Does it feel good?

Can you have sex with an IUD in? Does it feel good?

How will having an IUD change your sex life? Here's what you need to know.

Most women will want to find a contraceptive option at some point in their lives. Whether you want to commit to taking the pill everyday, or put in an implant, there are plenty of options available out there. Some women prefer not to have anything inserted into their bodies, while others don’t like the idea of taking hormone pills. Whichever route you go down, contraceptives don’t mean you don’t get to enjoy sex. 

One of the most common long term contraceptives is called the IUD (Intrauterine device), but many ask, can you have sex with an IUD in? Will it hurt? Will it feel uncomfortable?

What is an IUD?

Firstly, here is what an IUD is. An IUD is a tiny device that is inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods out there. 

There are 2 types of IUDs available  – hormonal IUD and non hormonal/copper IUDs.

sex with IUD

Can you have sex with IUD in? Some examples of the non hormonal/copper IUD. | Source: Wikipedia

Some women prefer to have IUD implants because once it is inserted, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s not as cumbersome as taking the pill (which requires you to remember to take it at the same time everyday) and it doesn’t get in the way of sexual pleasure (like condoms might). 

It is inserted into your uterus by a medical professional and your cervix is often numbed before it is put in. Once it is inserted, you might get lighter periods or your periods will not come at all. The IUD is attached to a string, so that it can be removed by a medical professional later on. 

This is where women worry if having sex will affect the IUD or that men can feel the IUD. 

Different brands of IUDs have different effective periods. Some last up to 12 years, while others may be as short as 3 years. 

So how having sex with IUD in feel? 

Here’s 6 things you need to know before having sex with IUD inserted:

1. Your sex drive will not be affected

Neither types of IUD should have an impact on your sexual desire or how you feel during sex. An IUD is inserted inside the uterine cavity. You can’t see or feel it, you won’t even know it’s there.

sex with IUD

An IUD is inserted into the uterine cavity and you won’t be able to feel it. | Source: Wikimedia

2. You do not need to worry about getting pregnant

You can enjoy spontaneous sex! But, you should still use a condom if you’re worried about STDs.

3. Your partner MAY feel the strings

Although highly unlikely, some men do feel a tiny sensation. As long as your IUD is properly in place, you can lean on the fact that they are designed to be super-thin and barely noticeable, even softening over time.

4. The hormonal IUD might affect your cycle in a good way

Women who experience a heavy flow and cramping during their periods may have an “easier time of the month” thanks to the progestin in hormonal IUDs. Progestin will decrease bleeding and cramping during your period and could even stop both completely.

sex with IUD

Mirena – a hormonal IUD which can lighthen menstrual flow and pain. | Source: Wikimedia

5. There may be some post sex bleeding

Some women experience bleeding during sex with IUD inserted, especially hormonal IUDs, though it isn’t common. Hormonal IUDs thin out the endometrial lining, the inside of the uterus that sheds each month with a period. If the lining is very thin, it may shed a bit during sex, which would cause bleeding. However, if you feel pain, always check with your doctor. It could be a sign that your IUD is out of place, which leaves you unprotected.

6. You can enjoy any positions you like

Everybody is different and when the IUD is in the right place, you shouldn’t feel anything at all –  which also mean any sex positions are fine. Rough sex too will not affect your IUD, but in very rare cases, the IUD may slip out. In the first year after getting an IUD, the expulsion rate is roughly 5 percent only. Sex does not increase or decrease the risk.

So now that you know what it is like to have sex with IUD inserted, would you consider getting an IUD as your form of contraceptive? 

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