6 Tips For Better Marital Sex, According To A Porn Star

6 Tips For Better Marital Sex, According To A Porn Star

Porn stars can actually be insightful when it comes to satisfying sex tips. Don't believe us? Read on.

Pornography isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of meaningful sex tips that can deepen intimacy in marriage. After all, adult films don’t exactly portray realistic sex. They’re often based on fantasies, fetishes, and let’s face it… acrobatic positions that look more painful than pleasurable.

While some claim that watching pornography is bad for a marriage, others believe it can make a marriage healthier and happier.

No matter what you think about the scandalous world of pornography, this much is true: couples can gain sexual wisdom from anywhere. Yes, even from adult film stars.

Here’s six pieces of sage advice according to porn star Jessica Drake.

Great sex tips to try tonight!

Don’t get completely naked

Yes, you read that right. Keeping one article of clothing on – or in Jessica’s case, keeping her high heels on – helps heighten pleasure.

She says it “elongates her legs and pushes her butt up” in a certain way that makes certain sex positions feel a lot better.

Do whatever works for you as a couple, even if it’s keeping dorky socks on while doing the deed.

Don’t underestimate the power of role-playing

Handcuff Sex Positions

Why not incorporate restraints into your sex routines? Try these handcuff sex positions at home. | Photo: iStock

As a porn star, Jessica has had her fair share of costumes. She recognises the importance of role-play when it comes to bringing fantasies to life.

Sexy nurse, naughty librarian, hot pool boy, hot plumber… the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner your deepest fantasies.

Being silly and strange together can often be the sexiest turn-on!

Not sure what type of fantasies you’d like to explore together? You can find some role-playing ideas to get you started, here!

Foreplay doesn’t just have to be the opening act

Who says that sex has to be chronological? Mix things up by enjoying foreplay, intercourse, then shifting back to foreplay or oral sex to prolong and even heighten climax.

The key is to steer clear of predictability when getting hot and heavy. Excite your partner by changing up your bedroom repertoire!

Make masturbation the intermission

To keep herself turned on between takes, Jessica reveals that she masturbates. This helps her last longer and act more convincingly, as one adult film sex scene can take up to an hour to make. 

For married couples who are struggling to get in the mood, masturbating in front of your spouse or partner could provide you with that much needed jolt of arousal. 

Don’t be afraid to talk dirty

meaning of sex dreams

No need to shy away from saying naughty things during sex! Talking dirty can be a huge turn-on.

You don’t have to scream it out loud or exclaim it in a sultry voice, sometimes whispering and moaning in your partner’s ear can be hotter.

Make your pleasure a priority!

Jessica’s advice is to focus on positions that satisfy your own needs in bed. Find out what sex positions work best for lasting pleasure!

Improving your sex life as a married couple can be a continuous process of learning about one another. Not only can this give you a deeper understanding of your spouse, it provides insights into your deepest desires, making your marriage truly satisfying.

Make sex an exciting adventure of exploration!

source: Women’s Health, Medical Daily

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