Young Singapore couple seen indulging in sex acts at car park!

Young Singapore couple seen indulging in sex acts at car park!

More and more youngsters are letting go of their inhibitions and indulging in acts of sex in public in Singapore. This couple got horny at a car park!

More and more youngsters are letting go of their inhibitions and indulging in acts of sex in public in Singapore.

Recently, eyebrows were raised when a couple were caught having sex at an HDB void deck. And now, another shocking case has come to light.

A young couple were seen engaging in sexual acts at a car park!

Sex in public in Singapore

The incident reportedly took place on Jan 30, 2018, at Choa Chu Kang North 7; and Stomp reported it. The couple were brazenly indulging in sexual acts on the roof of a multi-storey car park, from 10 pm to 11 pm.

This, inspite of the fact that the carpark had residential blocks on three sides, and it was quite easy for residents to see what they were up to.

sex in public in Singapore


The couple looked like they were in their teens. The girl, it seems, had taken off her shorts and the guy had his hand in between her legs.

They finally left when someone spotted them and shouted. 

Then again, such acts are hardly uncommon these days, especially on the higher levels of multi-storey car parks.

Surprising places Singaporeans have outdoor sex

Meanwhile, a quick check on Reddit reveals that Singaporeans are quite an adventurous and creative bunch when it comes to outdoor sex.

You’ll be surprised by some of the “popular” spots for sex in public in Singapore:

  • HDB staircase landings
  • Handicapped toilet in a park
  • In a car/taxi
  • One of the lockable rooms in an office
  • In an incomplete HDB Block
  • Condo swimming pool
  • In a school bathroom
  • Sitting at the back of a public bus
  • Pasir Ris Park

Why do people have sex in public?

We asked Dr. Martha Tara Lee, Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Coach of Eros Coaching Pte. Ltd., on what attracts couples to have sex in public, knowing well that they risk breaking the law.

Dr. Martha says that for one, the idea that somebody might see them checking into a hotel, might be embarrassing.

“They might have budget constraints,” she adds. 

“To book into a hotel might involve some pre-planning,” she said. Dr Martha further shares that sometimes there are other limitations. For instance, if one assumes that a place is “relatively safe.”

She said that if you even put all that aside, this couple might have had sex in public for another reason. And, that is “the intention of getting caught.”

“The fear of getting caught or somebody walking in onto them, and doing the forbidden can indeed act to the excitement, and their perceived passion of the moment,” explains Dr Martha.

“In addition, sex in public might be one of the things that they would want to check off their bucket list.”

“This might also be one of the things that young people do to “rebel” against societal norms, familial expectations and pressure, as well as cultural mores. They might not be aware of the consequences if caught, and not thought about the fallout that might result.”

Well, they might be high on hormones but it is important to remember that sex in public in Singapore can get you in trouble.

According to criminal lawyers, as long as the act is visible to the public, the ones involved in the act could be prosecuted for indecency.

Mr Rajan Supramaniam, a criminal lawyer at Hilborne & Co has been quoted as saying, “They can be in love, or even have the intention to marry each other, but as long as they are in a public place, it may be considered illegal.”

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Source: Stomp, Images: Screengrab Stomp

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